Medical Office Cleaning: All You Need To Know

5 questions you must ask the cleaning service before hiring them

Remember the old adage, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” For a medical group owner or a hospital administrator, it might be more prudent to say that “cleanliness is next to safety,” when you consider how important it is to keep a medical office or facility clean.

When you outsource your medical office cleaning, you would want to pass on the cleaning work to a company that has proper training, information, and certification to do the job, to the required standard. Therefore, you must pay close attention to the way your medical office cleaning is done.

Here’s all that you need to know about medical office cleaning.

Health Care Cleaning V/S General Office Cleaning

Medical cleaning is different than general office cleaning in Brampton. There are safety standards, training, and compliance issues that go well beyond washing the windows and mopping floors. Many cleaning companies will say that they have the know-how to handle medical office cleaning effectively, but this might just be a sham.

The healthcare industry requires cleaning professionals with specialized tools, training, experience, and certification. Therefore, in a medical office, the consequences of inadequate medical office cleaning can go beyond unhealthy staff and frustrated patients.

So Much Is At Stake With Medical Office Cleaning

Medical facilities are perceived differently than office spaces, and retail spaces like shopping stores and malls. Because of the concerns related to the health of an individual, community as a whole; the fact that health is personal, intimate and essentially important, patients expect healthcare facilities to be as clean as a whistle. No one wants to go to a medical office with dirty floors, soiled furniture, and an unkempt waiting room. These telltale signs of a medical building that is not well-maintained, setup doubts in a patient’s mind. And an unclean medical office can put your reputation, your practice and also the health of everyone entering your building – be it your staff, patients, or you – at stake.

Hiring The Best Medical Office Cleaning Company

When you know that you need a reputable, trusted, credible medical office cleaning company to maintain your healthcare facility, the next thing to do is find the cleaning company that is truly up to do the job. The best way to find the right commercial cleaning company for your medical office is to ask for referrals from other facility managers and research online. Look for customer reviews of the company you are considering. Customer reviews can go a long way in shortlisting some of the best cleaning companies in your area. But what else can be done to find the right medical office cleaning service?

Experience Working With Healthcare Facilities

Experience is the best teacher. That being said, the best performing medical cleaning company is typically the one that has the most experience in your industry. It only makes sense, the longer you do something, the better you get at it. A commercial cleaning company with years of experience working with healthcare facilities has likely developed specific training and strategies to tackle health risks within the medical facilities.

Adding to the same point, an experienced cleaning company also knows the regulatory and compliance side of medical office cleaning. Professionals from such cleaning companies will also have a solid knowledge of eco-friendly cleaning products.

Employee Screening

In all service industries, people are the most crucial element.

You wouldn’t want people you don’t trust in your building. Just think about everything that can go wrong if the wrong person has access to your medical office. Before hiring a medical office cleaning company, ask them if all of their employees have been thoroughly screened. Ask them about their hiring practices. Do they hire their own team? If Yes, do they perform background checks? What tests do they perform for an added layer of security and transparency?

High Employee Standards

The right cleaning company should be able to show you their training and not just brag about their services. You must know how exactly does your medical cleaning company prepare their employees to handle the precise needs of a healthcare center. Do they have specialized training and equipment to reflect the commitment of serving the healthcare industry?


In the cleaning industry, more expensive does not equal better. A higher price tag does not necessarily mean premium service. Certainly, there are budgets to stay within, but the goal of any medical group owner or administrator in securing medical cleaning services should be of value. So how do you know what is reasonable?

A good medical office cleaning company will offer transparent pricing; giving you details about what services are you getting and how it all breaks out.


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