How to Create the Perfect Minimalist Look in the Kitchen

How to Create the Perfect Minimalist Look in the Kitchen

Decorating a home is a fun, if sometimes overwhelming, task. A popular trend centers on the idea that “less is more.”

The minimalist trend has become quite popular – especially in the kitchen. It focuses on simplifying the space and avoiding clutter. It creates a visually appealing space. For the kitchen, this can be difficult. People are constantly moving in and out, preparing meals, and dashing to the next task. With some simple design hacks though, you can create the perfect minimalist kitchen.

Embrace New Looks with New Faucets

One of the easiest ways to create a minimalist and modern look in the kitchen is to simply switch out the faucets. There are many sleek, chrome options that will bring a new vibe into the space.

Minimalist aesthetics are often sleek and simple – so the faucet should be, too. At the same time, you will not have to sacrifice any features. There are several one-touch models that bring touch-sensitive designs with all the same function of a traditional faucet.


The rise of cleansing the home, as seen with Marie Kondo on Netflix, has led to a movement for de-cluttering – it’s time for you to join the fray.

A simple kitchen should not have excessive clutter. This includes the piles of old magazines and unread junk mail. Creating a minimalist look means finding a place for these things – or simply throwing them out.

You can also reconsider anything taking up space on the counters. This includes small appliances, fruit bowls, and other decorative elements. Many of these items can be tucked away to clear the space!

Swap the Color Scheme

For a minimalist look, grab a paintbrush. Minimalist kitchens often have solid colors in neutral tones as the backdrop. It creates a simple, clean look. It will also make the space feel larger and more open.

Opt for Sleek Cabinet Fronts

Believe it or not, another way to create a sleek look is to ditch the cabinet knobs. Replace the old cabinet doors with solid colored doors with no knobs.

You can opt for a simple bar for a handle if desired. This creates a uniform look across the kitchen with no distracting knobs.

If you do not have time or budget to replace cabinet doors, just try swapping knobs for a simpler design. This still updates the space without the time commitment.

Find a Space for Everything

If an item is in a minimalist kitchen, it needs a home. Finding a place for everything is important for a cleaner look.

Relocate or discard items without a clear place. Kitchens are notorious for becoming home to the odds and ends of the home. Designate drawers and cabinet space to necessary items and relocate things that do not belong. Plates, containers, and other small appliances should be tucked away.

Store Daily Appliances

As time-consuming as it might be to constantly pull appliances out of the cabinets to use, it will go a long way in the aesthetic sense.

Countertop space is often overtaken by toasters, spice racks, and coffee makers. Yes, it is convenient to have everything out. However, these items often spend more time cluttering the counters than actually being used. For the minimalist look, counters should be kept clear and not used as storage.

Stay Committed

It might be a fun project to overhaul the kitchen into a minimalist space. However, the trick is to keep it that way. Countertops can easily become cluttered again. Faucet replacement projects can be postponed indefinitely. Replacing appliances with sleek designs might be relegated to a far-off project. Stay committed to the design to create this functional space with the trademark sleek aesthetics.


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