How to Breathe New Life Into Your Home Decor

How to Breathe New Life Into Your Home Decor

There’s plenty of ways to quickly and cheaply rejuvenate your home furnishings without breaking the bank.

Eager to make the place where you live more homely outside and in, but without funding a full-on interior design? Read on for these handy DIY tips:

Try Anti-Rust Spray

If your metal garden furniture is looking a little weather-beaten, or even rusty, the easiest way to spruce it up is with some anti-rust spray paint from Just look for products that provide long-lasting metal protection, and resist the damaging effects of corrosion from bad weather. Don’t forget if you have any other metal features in your garden, such as sundials or gates, to show them some love too. A trellis privacy screen can also be a great addition to your home or garden.

Polish Dining Room Chairs

Remember that set of wooden dining chairs you keep on meaning to varnish? Now is the time to give them a new lease of life. Choose a stain and varnish spray that gives the wood a rich, deep appearance without any brush marks. By applying a varnish you’re creating a barrier between the wood and dust or dirt, sunlight and water, lengthening the life of the wood and preventing staining. Varnish works by soaking into the wood finish, so if you want to enhance the natural wood color in your dining set, this is the best way to go.

Secondhand Shop if Possible

Charity shops are great places to find inexpensive treasures to perk up your home. Keep an eye out for cheap second-hand photo frames that you can spray paint the shade of your choice to match or stand out from your room’s color scheme. You’ll need to apply two or three light coats in a continual motion, spraying back and forth for that all-important pop of color

Cover Up With Ceiling Stain Spray

Ever looked up at your bathroom ceiling and realized there’s a nasty stain overhead? A foolproof way to smarten things up is by using a stain ceiling spray paint. Check for products that act as both a stain blocking primer and also a touch up paint in one to permanently block and then seal stains.

You’ll need a formula that can be used under or over any oil or water-based topcoat. After spraying, leave to dry for 30 minutes. You can then apply another coat if you wish.

Add Stencil Design

Adding stencils to a wall that’s either blank, or boring is a sure fire way to improve your living space by injecting it with your personality. There are plenty of free online stencil providers where you can choose your favorite design. If you decide to use spray paint, select a product that will dry quickly and provide a protective seal.

Another tip is to use spray adhesive as a no-fuss way to fix the stencil onto the wall. Just wait five minutes for it to become tacky. Then you can apply or reapply the stencil up to 15 times. Apply your paint, but not too much, pull off the stencil and let it dry for 10 minutes.

Test a Fresh Coat of Paint

If stencils aren’t your favorite, but you still want to freshen up a room, consider creating a dramatic feature wall by painting it a different color to your existing color palette.

Whether you choose a contrasting shade for more depth, or something that’s a few shades darker or paler than what you already have, you’ll be creating an exciting new focal point for your living space. Ideally use the wall your eye first goes to when entering the room, and don’t clutter it with too much furniture.


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