How to Save Time: 5 Outstanding Tips to Carry With You Into the New Year

how to save time

Could you imagine having 20 extra hours in your week? Think about all of the stuff that you’d get done!

Well… If you’re like most people, you do have 20 extra hours in your week. You’re just wasting them.

From doing menial tasks to sitting around and arguing with yourself about what it is that you should be doing, people spend a lot of time not tackling the things that they need to and even more time complaining that there’s not enough time in the day.

To help you learn how to save time and avoid burning it, we’ve compiled 5 tips that you can make part of your routine to ensure that 2020 is a more productive year.

1. Learn How to Say No

Everybody is trying to figure out how to save time. For many people, the solution to their time problems is to make impositions on you.

Whether it be at work or at home, you probably have people asking you to do things constantly. While it’s nice to have a “can-do attitude”, if you say yes to enough people, you’re going to find that you don’t have a single moment to do the things that matter most to you.

2. Get Your Closet Organized

How much time do you spend digging through piles of clothes to get ready in the morning? We’re willing to bet that the answer is bigger than it should be.

To reduce the amount of work that it takes to get out of the door, organize your clothes so you know where everything is and can throw outfits together easily. You can even take things a step further by educating yourself on custom closet configurations.

180 Closet Design offers some resources that describe the benefits of personalizing your closet’s build.

3. Wake Up and Go to Bed Earlier

The majority of people are most productive in the morning and least productive in the evening. So, if you’re going to bed late and waking up late, you’re giving yourself more exposure to less productive hours.

To do more with the time that you have, flip that habit around.

4. Get Into Meal Prepping

If you audit your daily activities in an effort to answer your how to save time questions, you’re going to notice that you put a lot of hours into cooking.

You can cut back those hours without sacrificing meal quality by pre-prepping healthy foods on a Sunday and enjoying your work throughout the rest of the week.

5. Set Some App Restrictions

Do you spend hours per week scrolling through Instagram? If you do, set app restrictions in your phone’s settings that only let you access Instagram and similar apps on the weekends.

Being disciplined with phone usage can single-handedly revolutionize your relationship with time.

Now That You Know How to Save Time, Do It

Understanding how to save time is easy. Actually taking steps to reclaim your time is much harder.

Do what you can to break out of your non-time-conducive habits today and enjoy the lifestyle improvements that will come as a consequence of your proactivity.

Check out more of the content on our blog if you’re craving additional lifestyle tips!


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