7 Things to Know about Alaska Before Visiting

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Also known as America’s Last Frontier, Alaska is the largest American state. But it is funny that not much is actually known about Alaska and most of what we hear of Alaska is presumptions. We can thank our active imagination for that! The first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about Alaska is snowmen (not the holiday statue but the people who live in this snowy landscape), igloos and ‘Winter Wonderland’. There are a lot many enjoyable activities in Alaska that every visitor must experience. Let us first try to get a brief picture of what Alaska actually looks like:

Alaskan Landscape

The interior region of Alaska is not all cold and has warm climates. This is opposed to Anchorage, up in the north, where it is always snowing! Most parts of Alaska cannot be traversed by land. Why? Even the capital, Juneau, has no roads and can only be reached by waterways or airways. If you think Alaska is all glaciers and snow, you will be in for a shock when you see the greenery it houses (in person); check out Interior Alaska.

Alaskan Climate

The climate in Alaska is quite funny. It is generally dry and so one can easily get dry skin. So remember to pack moisturizers. While the interior regions of Alaska are warmer, one cannot expect the nights to be equally forgiving (even at Interior Alaska). It’s always snowing at the north of Alaska; check out Anchorage. During the summer, the days are longer and the sun refuses to go away till after 11 PM. In the winters, it is the exact opposite and the days are darker.


Now that we have a general layout of what to expect from Alaska, it’s time for some harder stuff!

When does nature light up the Alaskan sky?

The best time to see the Northern Lights is when the ‘Dark Night Rises’! Jokes apart, you can only witness the grandiose Aurora Borealis only when the night is pitched black, especially during the winter. So don’t expect to see the Northern Lights between May to August.

Travelling to Alaska:

One can easily find flights to Alaska. Or if you’re not a flight person, then many cruise ships are willing to take you to Alaska! But if you prefer to make it a road trip, just remember that almost 70 percent of Alaska cannot be accessed by road, fuel prices are high and gas stations can only be found in towns or cities (so no pit stops in between).

Spending in Alaska:

Now, Alaska is fighting to develop its economy and is very inviting towards entrepreneurs and tourists. So don’t expect things to be cheap! Food, gas, and lodging are expensive at Alaska. But maybe wholesale

Dealing franchises like Cost-co and Walmart may not be as expensive. So remember to stock up!

Wildlife territory:

Alaska has a high wildlife population; from bears to moose to otters to whales. So it is very important that one is always on high alert and stays clear from them, especially when traveling by land and sea.

What to pack?

Alaska is no place for light summer clothes. Stock up on warm clothes and raincoats (as the weather is very much unpredictable at Alaska). Remember to carry moisturizers to combat the dry cold and sunscreen to protect yourself from the Ultra Violet rays reflecting against the snow on you when you’re up in the north or anywhere near snow. Equip yourself with the means to defend yourself against wildlife (especially bears) if you plan to hike in the wild; don’t forget bear spray.

More about sleeping in Alaska:

The summers have longer days. So you may find it difficult to go to sleep as your clock may point at your bedtime but the sun would still be shining outside. To aid yourself with all that you need to go to sleep. Alaska is one of America’s finest camping destination.

A list of places to visit:

●     Homer- The best place to go fishing

●     Juneau- For whale watching

●     Glacier Bay National Park- To go hiking and kayaking

●     Katmai National Park- Home to brown bears

●     Denali National Park- The best place to go hiking, white water rafting, and wildlife watching

●     Anchorage- To experience the purest of Alaska’s weather, skiing and dog mushing



So, this was a lot about Alaska that one must know if planning to visit the place.




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