How To Mix And Match Multiple Earrings

How To Mix And Match Multiple Earrings

One can never have enough of a good thing and in 2019, if one pair of earrings is never enough for you, adorning yourself with several pieces at once can be an on-trend look. It also means that you can sport several of your favorite earrings all in one go and express your creative side.

As this year is all about breaking boundaries and being exceptionally you, you’ll no longer be frowned at for wearing several earrings at once. However, there is a refined way of doing it. You don’t only grab any piece you fancy and add it to the collection on your ear, making you look tacky.

To achieve this layered multiple earring style first, you will need to have built your collection. If you are searching for high quality, yet affordable, sterling silver earrings then get sterling silver jewellery from Silver by Mail.There you will be able to start growing your collection and buy quality pieces to contribute to your layered, luxurious look.

2019 Style: How To Wear Multiple Earrings

How To Wear Multiple Earrings

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Also known as stacking earrings, you can really get experimental and don your favorite items whilst making the most out of all your piercings. Here are some great ideas and places to start so you can get layering with no worry at all.

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  • Keep It Simple For A Plainer Look– if you don’t want to get over complicated when stacking earrings and prefer to be on the simplicity end of the spectrum, all you need lobe piercings in which you add a simple loop and then two pretty studs on the other piercings. This also means you can invest minimally in this look with just a few fundamental pieces you will always wear for the everyday look.
  • For The Statement Look– if you want a statement look then it is best to stack several huggie earrings in one so they are held tighter to the ear. Then you can add a bigger and bolder item in the lobe piercing. Moreover, it’s good to remember that the statement piece should be at your lobe when stacking earrings.
  • Fake Stacking

If you don’t have multiple piercings but want to create the same impact that stacking brings, then you can still do it. You may just need to get a little creative with the pieces that you buy. For example, you can invest in a cuff and clip on chunky hoops that help you create the desired impression without needing to get pierced ears.

  • Casual Stacking

If you want to go on the simpler side and leave your ears with a bare feel and look, it’s best to choose simple hoops for the first piercing and then stack equally simple but thinner hoops in the next. This can be finished off with a pretty stud in the third and final holes.

Casual Stacking

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Now you know a little more about the art of stacking and layering earrings, you can start building your collection and growing your look like a pro.


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