Is it a good idea to Detox at Home?

good idea to Detox at Home

A lot of people with addictive problems struggle in the detox phase due to a number of reasons. Many seek professional help and go through the detox process in a rehab facility. But if for any reason, you cannot afford to go to a facility, you will encounter doubts if detoxing at home is such a good idea. Will it work? Is it more challenging? What are the things you should consider and be aware of during this period and what kind of professional help is available to you?

In this article, we explore the major factors you should consider, if you are deciding to detox at home and how you can have the best experience during the process.

Join a home detox program

In the past, most home detox programs failed to deliver but with more and more research and advancement in the field, we have come a long way from that. With the help of real-time experience and programs developed with the help of recovered addicts, a solid home detox program may help immensely without disturbing your daily routine.


The number one reason why most people go for a home detox program is the sheer convenience of it. You don’t have to leave work and break your routine which has immense implications in your daily life.

Safe & Tailor-made:

Detox is challenging for the mind as well as the body, especially during the early stages, also called the withdrawal period. A good home detox program will follow a tailor-made treatment plan in terms of medicine and care which is evaluated as per individual needs.


A home detox allows you to have privacy and confidentiality compared to joining a full recovery rehab center. This allows you to enjoy your new, addiction-free life without making it public that you’re battling addiction.


It is a common misconception that home-based recovery programs lack the support and social elements in a full recovery program but that is simply not the case.

Home-based detox programs provide 24/7 support, so you don’t have to go through it feeling alone. Joining a proper detox program will allow you to access that community and support system to help you through this difficult journey.


So whether you are struggling with Alcohol addiction or any other drug addiction, you know that the first step towards recovery begins with a full body cleanse. Getting rid of the toxicants from your bloodstream and your body completely. This, of course, will trigger withdrawals as the need for substance increases and your system asks for replenishments.

This is a difficult phase and is best handled by a combination of medication and support.

To reduce the chances of a relapse, it is highly recommended that you get professional home-based detox programs and if you are based out of the united kingdom, check out Home Detox UK for their Step+ Program which has reaped amazing results for people struggling with recovery at home.


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