Tips for Creating a Traditional Country Kitchen Design

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There’s no doubt that minimalism is the in-vogue trend when it comes to kitchen design. Kitchen showrooms are far more likely to feature clean, bright colours paired with modern appliances as opposed to more a more rustic, traditional kitchen.

However, that doesn’t mean a modern kitchen will suit everyone, with many preferring a a cosy and homely feel where they can relax with family, friends (and pets!).If you are one of these people, take a look at our top tips below for creating a traditional country kitchen.

Use Natural Materials

Modern kitchens tend to favour metal, plastic, and vinyl but these will look seriously out of place in a traditional country kitchen. Instead, choose hardwood fixtures and fittings where possible – ideally using the same type of wood across your cabinets, worktops and even flooring. Oak is wonderfully hard-wearing and attractive although walnut and African teak are also adaptable and visually appealing.

These earthy wooden hues will give your kitchen a rustic, natural appearance that will make it a great place to relax with a glass of wine after a long day.

You also shouldn’t forget your accessories such as dish cloths, aprons and tea towels, which should be kept as natural as possible by using materials such as linen and cotton. Opt for eco-friendly natural scrubbers and simple chalk boards rather than whiteboards. Avoid bold patterns and bright colours to create a harmonious, traditional kitchen design.

Make a Splash with a Butler Sink

A butler sink both is a staple in many country kitchens – and for good reason. Their timeless ceramic design gets its name from their usage in Butler’s pantry in Victorian London. They have a wide, boxy shape which was originally designed to hold large amounts of fresh water when it was scarce across the city, but now means they are just great for doing the washing up!

If possible, match the traditional with a timeless chrome or brass kitchen tap to give it a classical, high-quality appearance that will also last for generations.

Modest Appliances and Storage

If you want to create a truly traditional kitchen design, no stone should be left unturned. Although it’s fine having a traditional exterior, it will soon look tacky if filled with modern appliances that contrast with the general ambience.

There are many ways around this – the first being to find appliances that don’t contrast too much with your kitchen tones, such as stove-top kettles rather than electric ones. For your storage, consider vintage items such as glass jars, wooden boxes and wicker baskets or opt for a traditional larder or pantry where you can store other useful bits and bobs. Of course, pots and pans should also fit with your traditional country kitchen aesthetic – ideally made from cast iron for a classical look.

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Hide Certain Appliances

Although it’s good to be creative with your kitchen design, you also need to be practical meaning you’ll need modern-day appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines. To solve this aesthetical problem you can add wooden cupboards around them with doors that keep them hidden unless they need to be used.

For smaller modern kitchen items, such as digital scales or food processors, keep these hidden in your storage units instead of being on display. Having all of these contemporary objects out in the open is a sure way to ruin the traditional country kitchen vibe!

Choose a Range Cooker

Aga range cookers have been a part of traditional country kitchens in Britain for generations. They become the centre of attention in any kitchen, giving off a radiant heat that makes it the focal point for people and pets alike!

What’s more, these cookers don’t just look the part, they also provide a unique cooking experience ideal for traditional favourites such as Sunday roast dinners.They can even be used to dry clothes, make toast and boil water meaning you can cut down on some of those appliances we mentioned earlier.

These top tips will help you create a traditional country kitchen design that will look stunning and make your kitchen the heart of your home. We think this charming style is the perfect antidote to the plain, modern aesthetic of many modern kitchens, whilst creating a much more warm and homely atmosphere.


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