The Ultimate Vacation Destination – Bali

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Need a break from you’re the hustle and bustle of your life? Then Bali is what you need. It is the prime tourist destination in Indonesia, and thus the perfect getaway for you. It also happens to have some very romantic sceneries. Therefore, you’d better tag your significant other alone and create one memorable experience for both of you. Well if you don’t know your way around there yourself, you might not get to experience the best parts of the culture or sceneries in Bali. The Seven Holiday got you covered in that department. They have various packages to ensure you and your favorite human get to enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Let’s have a look at the different places you should consider visiting when you go there.

  1. Jatiluwih rice terraces

The paddies in Bali are not just like any other rice field; they are works of art. The plantations give the landscape a stunning look that is worth exploring. The beautiful rice terraces are a fantastic place to walk down and relax while taking in the view and maybe some photos for memories.

2. Sacred Monkey Forest

Located in the town of Ubud the forest is home to a myriad of cheeky macaques which offer a splendid wildlife experience. However, you should note to be careful around these cheeky creatures. They are fond of naughty behavior, such as pickpocketing tourists. Also, you get to experience Ubud which full of culture which is surrounded by craftsmen villages.

3. Telaga Waja River

If you’re a fan of water rafting, then you should visit this river. There are water rafting activities that happen here down this river. While on the rafting venture, you get to see wild animals as well as scenic waterfalls and cliff tops, giving you an unforgettable ride.

4. Beautiful beaches

Being an island, Bali has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, such as Melasti and Padang-Padang. You must soak in these beaches, enjoying the clear ocean blue waters with your loved one. Furthermore, the tropical climate of Bali makes the beach even more fun.

5. Uluwatu Cliff Temple

It offers a spectacular view of the ocean since it rests on the edge of a cliff. Offers for a perfect Instagram moment. The temple has a lot of history and culture, believed to protect Bali Island from evil sea spirits. There are a lot of cheeky and naughty monkeys around this place, so just like in the Sacred Monkey forest, take care of your belongings.

6. Brahmavihara-Arama Buddhist Monastery

It is the biggest Buddhist temple in Bali. It is a tranquil place, perfect for meditation and connecting with yourself. If you are soul searching, then this temple will be of much help to your end goal.

Seven agency can arrange for this trip and so much more to ensure you get the best Bali experience possible. The accommodation of your stay in Bali for this adventure depends on your package category. Get in touch with them to start planning the best adventure of your life.


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