How Frequently Should You Service Your Gas Heaters

How Frequently Should You Service Your Gas Heaters

The things that we use daily will require servicing at some point of their lifespan; gas heaters are no exception. With a lifetime of approx 15 years, your gas heating system will require cycled service.

We all know how dangerous a gas leak can be in your home. Therefore servicing is vital for your gas heater. When doing the servicing, the entire system must be checked. Some specific parts would, however, require some extra attention to be sure that they’re still in good shape.

Why It’s Important to Regularly Service Your Gas Heaters

The gas supply system in every home has to be serviced regularly. The servicing of the gas supply system is something that the authorities require of every homeowner, due to the life-threatening consequences associated with gas or carbon monoxide leak. With your gas heating system set up, this too has to be thoroughly looked into to ensure that it’s in a good working condition.

Besides the fear of leakage, an adequately serviced gas heating system means an efficient performance. What this does is that it helps you save on gas. An inefficient gas heating system is likely to cost you more money yet still have the risk of messing up with the safety of your family.

Recommended Frequency of Servicing Your Gas Fired Heaters

According to the authorities, you’re supposed to have a thorough service of your home gas supply system once every 12 months. This is a requirement that has to be adhered to and a report on the status of things drawn by a professional gas heating service provider.

However, for the sake of the safety of your home and family members, you should engage the services of an expert of gas heaters more frequency than the 12 months. You could have the service provider do it for you within six months.

Signs That Your Gas Heating System Needs Immediate Attention

At the time of installing your gas heater Sydney, you’re most likely provided with information relating to the red flags to watch out for. In case you don’t have them, you must get them the soonest possible to avoid any danger to yourself, your family, or property.

One of the things to watch out for is any orangish flame with soot. While this tells explicitly that there is a problem with the system, you should be alert to notice any possible change in the colour of the flame in general. As soon as you see this kind of flame, know that your gas heating system needs attention.

Check out the fire that comes out of the gas heater. If it’s not stable, you may want to know why there is a fluctuation. The other thing that you should watch out for is the heat that the gas heater is leaving on the walls. If you notice that the heater wall becomes extremely hot during usage, then you may want to have a look at the system to ensure that everything is in order. Lastly, any form of irritation to your eyes or nose is a strong sign that your gas heater needs maintenance.

It’s important to understand that you need the gas heating system. But you shouldn’t let this system deny you peace by causing any form of damage to your or your family.

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