Diet Friendly Recipes That Can Help You To Lose Weight

weight loss diet

When we start to condition our bodies, the chances are we notice the scales becoming a little less friendly to us. Although we are exercising and becoming fitter, we can appear to be putting on weight. However, this is because you are building muscle mass. The pounds might be increasing, but this isn’t fat. So, should you be worried? If you want a bodybuilder physique, then no. However, if you want to be leaner and more toned, you may have to tweak what you are eating. Nutrition plans are just as important as exercise regimes when it comes to conditioning our bodies. If you find yourself in the gym three times a week, supplement your commitment to fitness with these great diet-friendly recipes that can help you lose weight.

Steak And Greens

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Steak And Greens

If you are following a high protein diet and limiting your starchy carbs, an evening meal of steak and greens can be ideal. These Ketogenic Diet recipes focus on consuming less than 50g of digestible carbs each day. With protein-rich fillet steak and broccoli or asparagus, you are preventing your fat stores from increasing. You could choose to lightly saute your steak or have it grilled. While carbs are not your friend, fat can be. Consider griddling your steak with olive oil or rapeseed oil. When hunting for greens opt for iron and antioxidant-rich leafy veg. Cabbage and spinach really do deserve their Popeye reputation.

Fuelling your body with foods that release energy slowly is important if you are going to be heading to the gym a lot. There’s nothing worse than not having the energy to complete a set of circuits or your thirty minutes on the treadmill.


There was some controversy about egg diet in the past with many people assuming that they could increase cholesterol. While they can, it is the good cholesterol that they tend to elevate in our bodies which is no bad thing. Eggs are cheap, readily available and highly versatile. You could opt for fried eggs and avocado on toast for breakfast. One lunchtime you may fancy a three cheese and mushroom omelet. And for an evening meal, you might fancy boiled eggs with a tuna Nicoise. Don’t have any more than eight eggs a week, and you will be staying within health and safety guidelines. Eggs are perfect for those high protein diets that require fewer sugars and refined carbohydrates.

beef with cheese

Whole Grains

If you are on a protein-rich diet, don’t assume that you can’t have carbs at all. It is vital that you choose the correct ones. If you fancy spaghetti bolognese at the local Italian, ask them to swap the regular white pasta for a wholemeal variety. Opt for wholemeal and granary bread for your sandwiches and toast, and always go for the nutty brown rice rather than white grains. These are kinder on your digestion and will release energy at a much slower rate, leading to fewer sugar spikes.

Dieting is difficult, but follow these tips, and you will lose weight, build muscle, and find the perfect nutrition plan for you.


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