Your Outdoor Spaces Need a High-performance Ceiling Fan

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Have you been looking around for an outdoor ceiling fan to cool your front deck, porch, or patio? Do you have a gazebo where you’d love to lounge but cannot do so because of mosquitoes? If the answers to these questions are in the affirmative then you need a high-performance, energy-efficient outdoor ceiling fan to keep yourself refreshed in breezy outdoor spaces. Along with bringing in an element of style to your outdoors, such fans add to the aesthetics of your décor in plentiful ways.

When buying a ceiling fan for your outdoor space, it’s essential to keep a few important things in mind. These points promise to guide your purchase and help you get home a winner. For instance, Jeff Eller from www.modernfanoutlet.comsays that outdoor fans are the perfect addition to any porch, but that it’s important to invest in a wet rated fan if you live in a rainy area. Read on to know more about the important factors of consideration that make can make a difference to your purchase decision of outdoor ceiling fans.

Wet-rated or Damp-rated?

Unlike the ceiling fans installed indoors, the outdoor ones are specifically designed for wet and damp areas. The ceiling fans for your bedroom, office, nursery, store, and other indoor areas are dry-rated. While buying fans for outdoors, check for their finish. Most of them are built to provide a special finish that can withstand rain and humidity in order to prevent corrosion and rust. Additionally, the motor casing of outdoor ceiling fans contains a waterproof seal to keep the damages caused by moisture at bay.

Ascertain the kind of ceiling fan that would be most appropriate for the kind of space you have in mind. If you are thinking of installing the ceiling fan in a covered deck or patio then select a damp-rated one. The fans with this rating are also the right choice for areas like bathrooms, garages, and screened porches. On the other hand, the wet-rated outdoor ceiling fans can adapt to all harsh weather conditions. They are robust and weather-resistant and can withstand the adversities of moisture, heat, snow, and the direct rays of the sun. They are also immune to liquids and moisture and can be safely cleaned with a garden hose. You may want to purchase a wet-rated outdoor ceiling fan for your verandah, deck, gazebos, pergola, lanai, or an exposed deck.

Size of the Ceiling Fan – It Matters!

Consider the area or the square footage of the space where you wish to install the outdoor ceiling fan. These guidelines will help you select the diameter of the fan that will provide adequate airflow and breeziness for the outdoor space in the reckoning.

Spaces with an area of 75 square feet or less = 29-36 inches

Spaces with an area of 76-144 square feet or less = 36-42 inches

Spaces with an area of 144-225 square feet or less = 44 inches

Spaces with an area of 225-400 square feet or less = 50-54 inches

While mounting the fan of your choice outdoors, it’s important to pay attention to the clearance. As per experts in ceiling fan installation, a minimum distance of 12 inches from the top of the ceiling can provide adequate clearance to your fan. The tip of the blade is best placed at a safe distance of 24 inches from the closest wall. In addition, the fan should be at a minimum height of 7 feet or 84 inches from the floor.

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Material and Color of Outdoor Ceiling Fans

These days, there’s a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to the material and color of outdoor ceiling fans. Do you want a fan that casts a strong impression and stands out in every conceivable way? Choose a style of color that’s bold and striking. Conversely, if you desire a subtle and functional look, it’s recommended that you opt for solid colored outdoor fans to blend in or create an appealing contrast with the ceiling. In either case, choose a material that’s weather-resistant, robust, and provides a long life to out outdoor fans. Choose from iron, wood, aluminum, galvanized steel, aluminum, or stainless steel to get yourself a resilient outdoor fan. Out these materials, aluminum and stainless steel are the most popular of the lot.

Buy High-performance Ceiling Fans

Sound research can help you buy the best outdoor ceiling fans in line with your style preferences. Choose from a wide range of rustic, modern, contemporary, traditional, industrial, tropical, vintage, farmhouse, or cottage-style outdoor fans. Before freezing your purchase decision, do ensure that the fan blends with the décor of your deck, patio or porch.


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