Top Things that will Help You Focus Your Mind

Top Things that will Help You Focus Your Mind

Is today’s always-connected world the reason why many people have a very short attention span?Apparently, it is one of the main reasons. But the biggest factor is our attitude towards the always-connected, never-offline status that everyone seems to have. After all, even if the rest of the world loves to juggle their jobs along with social networking and online shopping but you prefer to do your tasks one at a time, then, your focus isn’t really affected by this trend.

But really, sometimes, losing focus is inevitable.Thus, difficult tasks are easily moved to the back-burner and forgotten while you shift your attention to mindless tasks. Like, ahem, scrolling up and down your IG feed or endlessly looking at the menu of the newest restaurants in the city. This has to change though from now on. But first, take a look at this related article about that.

So, what can help you gain better attention span and brain boost for your essential daily tasks?

Get the Right Amount of Nutrition

How can you ever function at your best if you’re hungry?How can you start the day with much energy if you didn’t even eat a full breakfast? Of course, it’s hard to concentrate on difficult tasks if you can hear your tummy rumbling all throughout. So, go ahead, make sure that tummy is full before you start doing mentally strenuous activities like a project pitch, brainstorming or client presentation.

That doesn’t mean though that you can just eat anything as long as it satisfies you and keeps you full for several hours. Bad food choices won’t give lasting benefits and may even do more harm than good. Give yourself favor and be on the lookout for the nutritious choices in the market, specifically, brain-boosting foods like leafy greens, berries, walnuts, fatty fish and tea.

When there’s really a non-negotiable task that requires the best brain power that you can have, some individuals resort to supplements that claim to improve cognitive function. These supplements are known as nootropics.But before deciding to take one, it is advised to do careful research about it by reading helpful sources like the Nootropics Review Nerd and by consulting one’s trusted doctor to determine whether it will be suitable for him.

Get Enough Rest and Sleep

The main reason why you’re experiencing brain fog is perhaps you lack enough rest and sleep. We cannot reiterate it enough—go get some quality shuteye if you need to think clearly the next day. If you sleep 2am in the morning but you need to be at the office by 7am for a very important client presentation, chances are, you’ll feel exhausted already even if the day hasn’t even started.

Do Physical and Mental Exercises

You need both for long-term overall health. Physical exercises have a wide range of benefits including balancing the hormones, keeping you fit, making you feel and look young, strengthening your vital organs and waking up your sleepy brain. Complement this with mental exercises and you’ll be truly alive. For example, puzzles and board games are something you can try on your leisure.

Top Things that will Help You Focus Your Mind

Do not Multi-task

Some individuals are chronic multi-taskers. They jump from one task to another, one mindful, the other, not really. Good thing if they finish all importance tasks at once without compromising the quality of each. Now, we’ll be totally impressed.

However, that’s not always the case. In fact, multi-tasking isn’t the way to go.Most people will end up finishing nothing on time when they do several tasks simultaneously.If not, they could unwittingly sacrifice the quality of one output over the other. Think about the burnt food you did while you were super engaged in answering your emails.

Nothing beats becoming truly organized and doing your task as fast as you can. Set a time for everything and truly engage yourself in what you’re doing. That said, please, disconnect yourself from the online world for a while, unless what you do on the web is something work-related. Take a look at this, too:

Do a Weekly Reset or Whenever You Need to

Don’t be afraid to take breaks from time to time whenever you need to. Sometimes, all you need to get back on track is to take a few steps off it for a while. For some, a reset means cleaning up all day, doing self-care at home, fixing one’s sleep schedule or recovering from a post-vacay slump.

Try all these tips and see what happens!


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