How to choose the perfect career?


Having the right career plays a crucial role in the overall happiness and emotional well being of a person. Yes, choosing a perfect career for oneself is a very daunting task. And it takes time to find out which career path is suitable for you. 

But with patience and proper analysis and guidance you can surely choose that perfect career for yourself. 


Choosing a career that’s best for you


Each and everyone passes through this stage of life when they have to choose a certain career, which they will take up to achieve success in their life. One needs to take into consideration various factors and also do some analysis to choose a perfect career.


Many a time it happens that people end up working in a wrong career path, just because they made a wrong choice of career in the beginning. 

However, if you do not want to be one of those people then do consider the points discussed below in this article to help you out of this difficult situation and choose a perfect career for yourself. 


What are your strengths?


Every one of us is born with some strengths as well as weaknesses. So, the first and foremost thing you need to do before getting started with choosing a career for yourself is to figure out what are your strong points and what are your weak points. 

You must know as to what is your passion and what things you are good at doing.


Write everything down on a piece of paper. If you are facing a problem while figuring out your strengths and weaknesses then you can off course take help of your family and friends.


Finally, choose a skill you are strongest at. Do the one you are most passionate about because it is said that you will enjoy your professional life fully if you are doing what you are most passionate about.


What type of personality do you have?

Every person has his or her unique personality, which is different from the personalities of the people around him. If you do not know under what type your personality falls, then it is time to find it out. You can very easily figure it out by introspecting and answering a questionnaire by Myers-Briggs. Knowing your personality type is important as it will help you to figure out what kind of a work environment is best suitable for you.


Appear for A Test to Choose A Career

You can very easily find out which career path is best suitable for you by just appearing for a test which is called the career test. In this, there is a certain number of questions which you need to answer in a stipulated timeframe. The format of this test is aimed at analyzing various skills and strength present in the candidate and to suggest a suitable career to them accordingly.


After you appear for the exam the career counselor will generally advise almost 3 career paths, which are suitable for the candidate from which they can choose one. You can either appear for career test on an online website or manually under the supervision of a career counselor.’


Consider your current financial status

Yes, it is right that you can have a full-blown career if you thoroughly enjoy the work you are doing. But you also need to take into consideration your financial condition before you finalize on your career choice.


To get to your dream career you don’t only need passion and skill but also a professional education with certification so that you will be properly eligible for getting your dream job. However, to get that professional degree and certification you may need to pay a big amount of money as fees. Thus, you should take into consideration your financial position before zeroing down on any career option.


Take Advice from professionals 


Other than the career counselor, you should also take advise from the people around you who are already working on the career path that you have shortlisted.

There is a lot you can learn from their field experience. Additionally, the insights given by them in regards to a particular career path can fully be dependent on.

You can openly talk with them about your aspirations and various career paths you are taking into consideration. Take their advice, as it will surely help you in the long run.

Internship Is Best

Doing an Internship allows you an opportunity to get a proper idea about the work pattern and work environment. It thus forms a strong foundation for your career.

Doing an internship also helps you to form contacts with the professionals already working in the field. It teaches you how to carry yourself and work in the workspace.

So, we will advise you to take up an opportunity to work as an intern in the field of your choice before actually taking up that career. If it is a paid internship then it’s a total win-win for you!


Ensure your Financial Security

Although one indeed needs job satisfaction to be fully satisfied in your career. However, it is also true that one needs money to provide for the family and ensure their health as well as financial security.


You should take into consideration the approximate average salary of a person working in a particular career path. You should do some rough calculations to figure out almost how much money you will need to provide for your family. 


Final thoughts


So while choosing a career for yourself, do consider the above-mentioned points and you will surely choose a perfect career path which will allow you to work in the area of your interest. Do the things you are most passionate about and simultaneously earn a good amount of money so that you and your family can live comfortably and happily.


Make sure you don’t fall into peer pressure or pressure from family to choose a certain career option. Always do what you want to do as that will keep you happy.


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