Beauty Tips to Follow From Asian Models Instagram

Asian models instagram

Asian beauty is exotic to the west and that’s a reason why men find them more attractive. There are several Asian models Instagram accounts with more than millions of followers because they are just fabulous to awe at. If you’re looking to take tips from such Instagram model accounts, we will tell you how to follow their style.

Top 5 Asian models

Check out the top Asian models to take inspiration from:

1. Tao Okamoto

Tao is a model turned actress who has been a part of several desirable movies like The Wolverine, Dawn of Justice, and Hannibal. She worked for brands like Alexander Wang, Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Dolce & Gabbana.

2. Sun Fei Fei

Fei Fei is known for her groundbreaking work in the history of fashion. She was the first-ever Asian model to work for Vogue Italia and has also worked for brands like Valentino, Calvin Klein, and Diesel. She has also been the face of the I-D Magazine.

3. Du Juan

Du Juan is Former Miss China who made her international modeling debut with Chanel Couture 2006. She has always been a sensational model on the runway and has walked for Louis Vuitton and Anna Sui. She is also an actor who featured in Allure, French Vogue, and W.

4. Liu Wen

Liu Wen is the first Asian model to have her name in the annual list of Forbes. She was also the first Asian who was appointed as the ambassador of Estee Lauder. She is one of the most successful Asian models today.

5. Chiharu Okunugi

Chiharu is a supermodel who is always in demand. She came into modeling when she was in school. Now, she represents several brands and fashion editorials. She walked for brands like Jacobs, Prada, Dior, and Chanel. Chiharu is definitely one of the most phenomenal Asian models with a vivid work profile.

What makes Asian models Instagram accounts likable?

There is got to be something more than the exotic aura that steals attention and grabs plenty of likes. From having silky skin to pearly white teeth, Asians have always been a man’s dream.

There are many Asian girls on Instagram who don’t follow the best editing techniques or use hashtags for more views. If they’re still making it big, there is got to something special about them. Find out why men spend hours looking through profiles of Asian models Instagram to follow those tricks too:

1. They’re different

When you want to connect to someone who doesn’t belong to your background or culture, you take more interest. Social media platforms help us break that barrier and connect with people all across the globe.

The moment you find a certain race of people who look dissimilar, you want to know them better. Their faces are not the kind you see every day – they usually have heart-shaped faces, eyes with epicanthic fold, and lovely skin.

Most Asian women have straight or wavy hair from birth. They definitely have the best hair bangs giving their face a dynamic look.

2. Well-maintained

Asian women maintain their body from childhood. They don’t usually follow something like a keto diet or a paleo diet. They would rather eat their staples but in the right proportions. The food they consume includes rice, wheat, and lots of vegetables. They depend on fresh produces instead of processed food. They depend more on natural proteins than having supplements.

In terms of physical activities, Asians are not lagging behind. They are all into some kind of fitness regime to keep their bodies healthy and fit. Many of them are into yoga that keeps their body flexible rather than adding muscle bulk at the gym.

3. Ever young

There are several East Asian cultures that follow powerful home remedies for treatments. They have recipes dating back to centuries keeping their bodies young and beautiful.

When you look through the profiles of Asian models Instagram, you will find all of them have a flawless look. You cannot tell how old they are either because of maintaining their body or due to makeup.

Asians are masters in makeup and can change a person’s look entirely. You might have seen videos on Facebook or YouTube that show you amazing makeup transformation done by Asian girls. Although you might think that it creates a facade, you can’t help but like or drool over their images.

4. Fashion sense

Asians are usually fit and short, and that makes them have almost all types of fashion options open for them. These girls are fancy and like to experiment with their clothes and accessories. You will seldom find an Asian wearing boring or oversized clothes. They are very specific about how they carry themselves and what they wear.

How to take inspiration from Asian models?

Check out some of the tips from the Asian models’ profiles to know how they make themselves look so good:

1. Take care of the skin

From drinking lots of water every day or maintaining good skin health. You need to work a lot on the outer aspects through internal cleansing. Go for frequent body detox remedies and use home remedies for skincare. Asian models first try to make their skin naturally beautiful and then use makeup.

2. The no-makeup look

Every time you come across a fair Asian model photo, you’d probably not be able to make out the amount of makeup they wear. The model you see probably doesn’t even have the skin tone you are made to believe they have. Yet, it doesn’t look like they have makeup on.

To do the no-makeup look, you need to check out YouTube tutorials and then try out on your skin. Use the recommended products and follow proper steps to get exactly what you’re looking for. Most Asian models are great at makeup themselves and can work on an instant transformation without help.

3. Go organic

Although Asian models love to use a lot of cosmetic products that help them transform their look, they cannot do without organic remedies. They follow Ayurvedic treatments that are free from chemicals and maintain the beauty and youthfulness of their skin. It is not difficult to obtain such products in any part of the world, because there are many brands importing such products abroad.

Final thoughts

There are plenty of Asian models making a mark in the industry and models on Instagram who have several followers. You need to explore their lives to know what kind of beauty regimen they follow. Most of them share their stories on Instagram and that can inspire you. Check out the profiles of the top Asian models and the Instagram models to know how to try Asian styles.


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