Effective Ways to Cleanse Your Lungs


As we are heading towards a world with lots of natural resource scarcity, we tend to take good care of ourselves. In this process, we care about our diet, our health and fitness, our skin and our mental health. All this is only effective if we are healthy from inside. This means that our internal organs are working properly and we are in a healthy state. The internal organs which we should take proper care of are the lungs, heart, liver, etc. Though, the lungs are prone to get the affected by the pollution of air. It is we who need to be aware of it.

Our lungs are a self-cleansing organ which when is in a pollution-free environment. The more you are exposed to pollution, the more are the chances of damaging the lungs. Apart than pollution, lungs are affected by smoking cigarettes and other harmful smokes emitted from factories, cars, etc. Polluted lungs will have the following symptoms:

  • You will feel heavy in the chest region
  • Congestion
  • Inflammation
  • Mucus gathering around the lungs
  • Growth of pathogens and microbes

The air we breathe has many chemical gases present in it which in turn, can affect our health. Apart from oxygen a lot of other elements get into our body as we breathe. All these elements gather around the lungs and damage it eventually. Generally, the air we breathe contains 20% oxygen, 0.05% carbon dioxide, 0.9% argon, 78% nitrogen and 1.05% of other gases and pollutants. A series of studies released some data and statistics related to depleting air quality and health hazards. Some of the well-known cities of US like, Bakersfield, Payson, Hilo, Fresno, and San Diego have the worst air quality. According to NHBLI (National Heart, Blood and Lung Institute), asthma and COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease are the leading causes of lung infection among the people of the US. As much as 2, 35,000 deaths occur every year due to lung diseases and lung cancer isn’t one of them.

The above can be termed as the obvious reasons why you should be more cautious about the air you breathe. Here we have listed some ways which will help you to cleanse your lungs and stay healthy.

Quit Smoking

When there are so much of pollutants in the air you breathe, do you need to smoke cigarettes? It is quite evident that cigarettes are a major cause of lung cancer, but it also causes other chronic diseases such as idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, COPD and asthma. Each cigarette you smoke pours a certain quantity of tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide inside your lungs. This, in turn, leads to the growth of mucus and causes congestion. It also makes it tough for your lungs to cleanse. Further, it also narrows down the air passage which gradually leads to breathing problems. CDPC states that cigarette smoking is a major cause of premature death in the US. Lungs and breast cancer are the common cause of these deaths among men and women.

Avoid exposure to pollutants

Pollutants present in the air are lethal enough to damage our overall physical health. This also includes the lungs and all other internal organs. This sole reason is effective enough for you to be aware of your surroundings. Damage to internal organs can speed up the aging process and leads to various diseases. The toxins we breathe through the air get stuck in the lungs and develop an infection. There are ways which can help you reduce the exposure to pollutants.

  • Avoid heavy traffic so that you don’t inhale excess pollutants.
  • Your lungs need a break and you need to reduce the possibilities of passive smoking.
  • Use masks and other safety measures to avoid excess exposure to pollutants.
  • Secure your home as a pollution-free home.
  • Always keep the home clean and dust-free.
  • Allow enough air to ventilate in and out of your house or office.
  • Eliminate the use of synthetic candles and air fresheners. On the contrary, you can use herbal aroma sticks, essential oils, and diffusers.
  • Encourage the use of natural cleaning products.
  • Try to install adequate fans, ventilation shafts, and exhaust hoods.

The CPSC or Consumer Product Safety Commission of the US reported that indoor pollution is much more deadly than outdoor pollution.

Secure yourself from infections

Any form of a lung infection can be dangerous for you as you age. During the initial period, you won’t be affected much but as you grow old, symptoms develop and the infection damages your lungs. People suffering from lung disease such as COPD are prone to various infections. Pneumonia is one of the lung infections which can develop at any point of time to an individual. To stay away from these infections you need to keep your lungs healthy. Eating healthy fruits and vegetables along with plenty of water can help you cleanse your lungs. Further, it will also help you to boost your immune system. Also, get yourself vaccinated for all kinds of lung infections and diseases.

Avoid Passive Smoking. 

Passive smoking is also known as second-hand smoking. This is an atoxic condition for the people as any non-smoker gets affected by it. For instance, if a friend of you is smoking a cigarette around you, he inhales 1/3rd of the smoke and exhales 2/3ed of it in the air. This, in turn, allows you and other people to inhale the tobacco content present in the air. As a result, you are passive smoke in this manner. You can avoid passive smoking if you don’t allow your friends and colleagues to smoke at home or office. Further, you can install “NO SMOKING” signs at the workplace and home. Also, make sure any one of your family member or friends are not exposed to passive smoking.

Steam therapy

This is an effective measure to cleanse your lungs internally. All you need to do is inhale water vapor and exhale. This therapy is known as a steam inhalation or steam therapy. The vapor inhaled allows you to drain out the mucus stored in the lungs and clear the blockages. The steam gives a warm sensation and is a great therapy for the lungs during the cold and dry winters. It is also helpful in curing the COPD condition in a lot of cases.


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