Summer Holiday Fashion unfinished

Summer Holiday Fashion unfinished

Packing for the summer holidays isn’t always easy. Fitting everything you need for a break into one case is a challenge in itself, but picking the right clothes for the trip needs careful thought. It might even require a shopping trip or two because if you live in the normally cool and somewhat rainy British Isles, you might not have the options available in your wardrobe for a cool and stylish summer break!

Today we’re here to help you by highlighting some of the key summer fashions men are going to want to ensure make it into their suitcases when they head off on holiday this year.

From the Ground Up

You’re going to want to begin with your feet. Flip-flops and sandals are things of the past. The current comfortable poolside footwear are men’s sliders – as the same suggests you can just slide into them!

They’re a great holiday option for every purpose but upmarket dining out, and set the tone for how you should be feeling: relaxed, flexible and comfortable. Whether you’re walking to the beach or exploring local bars, sliders keep you grounded.

Shirts and Shorts

Start your packing with a simply white t-shirt. This might seem like a basic option but it’s the foundation of a lot of different outfit choices you could make. On the hottest of days, you could wear it alone with shorts. It’s also a foundation of a more layered outfit: wearing it under an unbuttoned shirt (long or short sleeved) gives you options for cooler days, and pairing it with a blazer gives you a relaxed, smart-casual energy for evening drinks.

Cuban collar shirts are a great option for slightly more formal clothing choices – when you’re exploring the shops or having a slightly upscale lunch, rather than lazing by the pool. Adding one or two of these to your suitcase open up plenty of options for you.

Swimming trunks might do for a day at the beach, but you’ll need a slightly wider repertoire of shorts if you’re planning a more active and social holiday. A couple of pairs of chino shorts let put together a smarter look while still staying cool and working on your tan!

In the Shade

Staying shady is important on a hot and sunny holiday. The right sunglasses can keep the glare out of your eyes, which is a risk when you’re at the beach, and a well chosen hat can accent your look and keep the sun off your neck and face, avoiding burns and reducing the chance of heatstroke.

Aviators are a timeless choice for shades: a cut above cheap sunglasses picked up on your way to the airport they help you make a fashion statement as well as see clearly! A panama hat is a similarly classic choice that can elevate your holiday outfit from beach-bum to suave world traveller.


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