CBD Vape Oil Is the Best Way to Get Your Daily Dose of CBD

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Today, it’s almost impossible to read health websites or go to any store without seeing CBD in some form. You’ve seen every conceivable type of CBD product, from bottled oils to individual capsules and gummies. What you won’t typically see outside of specialty shops, though, is CBD vape oil. Health food and nutritional stores usually don’t carry CBD vaping products because they don’t want to go through the trouble of explaining that CBD vape oil isn’t the same thing as e-liquid with nicotine even though they look the same. CBD vape oil is well worth seeking out, though, because for many people, vaping is the best way to use CBD. This article will explain why.

What Is Vaping?

When you vape, you use a device that heats a liquid and turns it to vapor. When you inhale the vapor, you absorb the liquid’s active compounds through your lungs. Modern vaping began as a technology that allowed smokers to continue inhaling nicotine without using tobacco. The inhalation of medicinal vapor, however, is a much older concept that’s been around for a very long time. When you vape CBD, you’ll use equipment originally designed for the e-cigarette industry. Otherwise, though, vaping CBD has nothing in common with smoking. CBD vape oil contains no nicotine.

How Do I Vape CBD?

To vape CBD, you need two things:

  • CBD vape oil
  • A vape pen with a refillable tank designed for thick oils

Alternatively, you can use a pre-filled disposable vape pen. VSAVI is a popular CBD maker that carries a full line of CBD vape oil, refillable vape pens and disposable vape pens.

  • Buying a disposable vape pen is a good way to get started and experience the benefits of vaping CBD. You can find a wide variety of vapes here, with different flavors and for different occasions. A disposable vape pen arrives charged, filled with CBD vape oil and ready to use. Just remove it from the package and puff. When the battery dies – or the vape pen stops producing vapor – you can throw it away and start using a new one. (Alprazolam)
  • A refillable vape pen is less expensive than disposable vape pens for long-term use. When you buy a disposable CBD vape pen, you aren’t just buying the vape oil; you’re also buying the battery, the atomizer coil and the metal or plastic enclosure. When you buy a refillable vape pen, though, you’ll have a rechargeable battery rather than a disposable battery that you need to replace again and again. Refillable vape pens aren’t quite as convenient in that you need to refill the tank and recharge the battery periodically. However, you’ll save a lot of money with a rechargeable device.

To use a CBD vape pen, draw the vapor slowly into your mouth using gentle, even air pressure. Inhale the vapor from the mouth to the lungs, holding it there for several seconds to ensure that your lungs have absorbed all of the CBD in the vapor. When you exhale, you may see no visible vapor. That makes CBD vaping extremely discreet; you can do it just about anywhere without worrying that you’ll bother others.

Why Is Vaping a Better Way to Use CBD?

Fast Absorption and Higher Peak CBD Levels

If you’ve ever been a smoker, you already have a good idea of why vaping is such a good way to get your daily dose of CBD. It’s because your body can absorb compounds more quickly through the lungs than it can through the digestive system. When you take a CBD capsule, for example, it could be as long as two hours before you finally feel the effects of the CBD. When you vape CBD, on the other hand, you may feel the effects in just a few seconds. When you vape CBD, you get the compound into your bloodstream rapidly. Many people find, therefore, that inhaling CBD can help to combat sudden pain flare-ups and panic attacks.

Portable and Discreet

A CBD vape pen is a tiny device that you can easily carry in your pocket or purse. It’s always ready when you need it, and since you can use it without exhaling visible vapor, you’re not likely to draw any extra attention when you use it. You can use the disposable vape pens almost like a medical inhaler, and that makes it the perfect option when you need fast relief.

Keeps Your CBD Costs Low

It takes a lot of hemp to make a little CBD, and that makes CBD products expensive. In addition, once you find the dose of CBD that’s therapeutic for you, there’s little benefit to using a higher dose. Vaping CBD is an easy way to use the minimum amount of CBD that’s therapeutic for you without overusing and wasting the product. Do you feel relief after just one or two puffs? It’s likely that your bottle of CBD vape oil will last a long time.

CBD Vape Oil Works Well With Other CBD Products

From this article, you’ve learned that:

  • CBD vape oil is absorbed quickly by the body and promotes high peak CBD levels in the bloodstream. However, the effect can also fade somewhat quickly.
  • Oral CBD products such as CBD oil and capsules take much longer to reach the bloodstream because they’re absorbed by the digestive system. However, oral CBD products promote steady CBD levels in the bloodstream for a long period of time.

Have you found CBD to be a life-changing product for your health? If you really love your CBD, why choose between CBD vape oil and oral CBD? There’s no reason why you can’t use both types of products simultaneously. You may see remarkable results if you use an oral CBD product one or twice a day to maintain steady CBD levels and carry a CBD vape pen for those times when you need a little extra boost. The great thing about CBD is that you can completely customize your regimen to get precisely the results that you want. Don’t be afraid to experiment.


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