Preparing Your Children for Further Education Abroad?

Preparing Your Children for Further Education Abroad?

You live in Bangkok, but you want your child to study at a university abroad,so the most fitting answer to that would be to send them to an international school.

But with over 20 international schools to choose from in Bangkok, deciding which one to send your child to must be a headache. How do you filter out the international schools that are worth sending your child to, and which ones that should never be given a second thought?

That is why I’ve taken the liberty of researching various international schools in Bangkok, weighed out the pros and cons, and will present to you the ones that will put your child at the very forefront when it comes to applying for universities abroad.

So, let me free you from the paradox of choice. Here are 3 international schools that will skyrocket your child’s prospects of studying abroad:

This Innovative International School

This American international school in Bangkok (which cannot be revealed due to conflict of interest) is set to open in August 2020, and the anticipation comes packed with excitement because of its rebellious intentions.

The school’s curriculum will be student-centered -students will be given the autonomy to pick their own program based on their needs and their passion. This will empower the students to assess themselves, and what they think is most effective for their education, allowing them to train their decision-making abilities.

This international school is also on the front line of innovation when it comes to creating the most engaging classrooms. They will use the school’s environment as the classrooms, as opposed to confining them to the 4 walls of a traditional classroom. The school’s architecture has been specifically designedin a way that maximizes the students’ potential to retain information by providing the space for ideas to flow, and for students to connect with their environment.

By doing this, students are encouraged to pursue their passions so that they develop as people rather than just in academia. By rebelling against the “one-size-fits-all” format of education, and focusing on free-thinking, this international school equips the students with the necessary skills to not only excel in the educational aspect of universities abroad, but rather to survive their time abroad.

American School of Bangkok

“The School of Leaders” – American School of Bangkok’s motto.

This short yet powerful motto embodies the very being of what this international school is, and what it aims to achieve for its students. The school promotes an educational setting where the students learn skills on how to become leaders of the global community.

ASB, the initials of the school, teaches the values of diversity and mutual respect among adults – the crucial skills that students need if they are to become leaders of the global community.

Being an American school, ASB is a replica of the educational system in the US, so it provides the students with the same educational rigors as students in the US – almost like a “training ground” for the students at ASB. Because of that, the students are faced with the American curriculum and are assessed to the same degree of strictness.

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As a result of being a “training ground” for educational life in the US, the students at ASB have the necessary skills to make a bold statement when they apply for universities in the US. Graduates of ASB have gone on to study at Harvard, UCLA, and Pennsylvania, to name a few.

Could your child be next?

Wells International School

This international school bases its teaching from an intensive curriculum that focuses on university preparation, so there is no better school to send your child to than a place whose target is to prepare students directly for the challenges of university abroad.

Wells International School’s standards are based on the Common Core State Standards, which form the standards of 47 states in the US. This proves how Wells aims to simulate the school as close to an actual American school as possible – demonstrating their determination in preparing its students for universities in the US.

Wells International School also includes an Advanced Placement Program: a program where students can put their knowledge to the test by taking university-level classes. This is a good way to gauge your child’s level of preparedness for life abroad. There is also an International Baccalaureate program to test your child’s educational aptitude and aptitude for life post-education. They offer a TOEFL preparation for Thai students as well, ensuring that diversity will be no barrier to how willing Wells is to helping out students fly away and study abroad.


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