Funny Questions to Use as Icebreakers for Teens

Funny Questions to Use as Icebreakers for Teens

Asking ice breaker questions is one of the easiest way to interact with someone unknown to you. Be it a blind date, a dull office meeting or a classroom chat with a new teacher – Icebreakers are fun to begin with.Even if you are an introvert teenager, we believe that how hard you will be struggling to get to know how to start a conversation. If you have struggled like that before, we hope you won’t be going through same after reading this mini guide about what to ask as an icebreaker questions.To open icebreaker games or activities, introducing a topic and starting a conversation becomes easy when people use a fun icebreaker questions.

It’s time to make your life easier as well. Meebily games presents fun yet useful icebreaker questions in various categories so that you can know which set to use on what occasion.

1. Hysterical Icebreaking questions

Sometimes the situations demand a relax and calmed environment. To create this, you can start on with these questions.

  • Why do the dogs like to smell the butts of another dog?
  • Before you go to west, how far towards the east you can go?
  • If you were a fish, which one would you prefer to be?
  • Where would the steam of an electric train go, east or west?
  • Why don’t a clock strike 13?
  • How would you refuse a banana if they ask you to do some work?

2. ‘Would you rather’ questions

Making people choose between two is not only a conversation builder but a great way to know the other person.

  • Would you rather jump or fly for rest of the life?
  • Would you rather loose all your pictures or money?
  • Would rather be grumpiest or funniest?
  • Would you rather grounded in a deserted island or a forest of animals?
  • Would you rather be an elephant or a hippo?
  • Would you rather never take a test or never have a homework?
  • Would you rather be a Spiderman or superman?

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3. Telephone Game / Chinese Whisper Game To Be Played – Icebreaker Ideas

Telephone game is another synonym for endless amusement. Famous quotes or movie dialogues can be included in the telephone phrases or even in telephone game sentences as well. Chinese Whisper game is a fun game that can be played at family gatherings, dinner dates, in classrooms, at sleep over slumber parties or even with sports group. Let the fun begin!

4. Interesting icebreaker Questions

A list of icebreaker questions that teens can use anywhere:

  • What would be the name of your boat if you plan to sail around the world?
  • If you’d be a color, what would that be?
  • What genre would be the movie that is made on your life?
  • What was your most favorite food as a childhood?
  • Do you still remember the name of your first teacher?
  • If you were an apocalypse from marvel, which three DC/marvel characters you would choose to be in your team?
  • What animal you’d keep as a pet, for your whole life?
  • If you get a genie, what top 3 wishes you’d make to him?
  • If you get 25 hours a day, how are you going to spend your extra hour?
  • What’s the most ridiculous you ever got for your project?
  • If you had a chance of being one Disney princess, what that would be?
  • If you were an Olympic athlete, what game you’d participate in?
  • What would be your forever age?
  • What is your dream destination to spend your entire life?


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