How to Choose A Unique Vape


At present, there are many vape manufacturers on the market, and many vape products, let you dazzle, do not know which one to choose! In the face of a mixed market, how to choose a vape that suits you?

Before that, the first thing to look at is your specific needs. Are you using it for simply replacing cigarettes and smoking cessation? There truly is a lot that goes into choosing the right vape devices.

Simply quit smoking, as a novice, it is best to choose a small smoke, such as Joyetech, Eleaf. No need to fill the oil yourself, the disposable cartridge is used with the replacement, and the nicotine salt is used instead of nicotine. There is no carcinogen such as carbon monoxide or tar. The effect of replacing the cigarette and quitting smoking is good.

Player-level vapes, if you want to play with heavy smoke, there are many brands, such as voopoo vape, uwell.etc. You can choose VOOPOO Drag 2 Mod. High cost performance, high-power vape, if you are skilled in operation, you can play a variety of fancy effects and spit out heavy smoke.

This problem is mainly for novices or smokers, so I think I mainly purchase vapes from the following five points.

The Amount of Smoke Is Atomized.

The structural design of the entire vape, air intake, airflow passage. The excellent vape design can ensure a large amount of smoke, and secondly, it can ensure the stability of the smoke output. Then there is the pros and cons of the atomizing core. The function of the atomizing core is atomization. It is the core component of the vape. An excellent vape must have an excellent atomizer guarantee.

The Length of Battery Life

The battery is associated with the atomizing core, and liquid atomization requires a lot of energy, so the battery life is a measure of whether a vape is excellent. Now I can do a good job with a charge of about 500.

The Appearance of Vapes

A good product, its refreshing appearance, strict design, exquisite workmanship, can give people a pleasant feeling, help to successfully quit smoking. Most of them are in the shape of a solid vertical strip, and the materials are all matte textures, which are very comfortable to take. 1

The Taste of The Vapers

The taste is what people call the taste, the taste of the liquid smoke is varied, but it is basically divided into three categories. a. Simulated tobacco b. Fruit herbs c. All kinds of food and beverages, the fruit taste is the closest to the real thing, and it is also better, especially the mint flavor. Generally, the novice chooses the fruit flavor better. As for the tobacco flavor, I really I have never seen the same kind of real smoke, not exactly like it.

E-liquid Contains Nicotine Concentration.

There are two types of nicotine in vape e-liquid: nicotine-containing and nicotine-free. The nicotine content is 0 mg -10 mg or even higher. The nicotine-free liquid is nicotine-free. If you have not smoked before, it is recommended to choose nicotine-free. The use of nicotine salt in tobacco flavors e-liquid is also preferred.

In conclusion, as an old smoker, it is also an e-cigarette practitioner. I still hope that everyone can use the e-cigarette to quit the bad habit of smoking traditional cigarettes. After all, it is very bad for the body. Vapes still contribute to keep health.



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