Best Places to Visit in Bangladesh


Bangladesh was once a part of India, but now an independent country lying next to India. Bangladesh is where you should head for your next Asian country trip. A country close to its tradition and heritage is also known for the greenery it beholds. You will be able to experience a combination of Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim culture over here. The country has a chaotic past which makes it a great historic place. During the 20th century, Bangladesh gained independence from both British and Pakistan respectively.

The rich culture of Bangladesh is always welcoming towards their tourists. If you are wondering where to visit then we have a list of places where you will experience the true beauty of the country. You can plan your trip according to your will but you must visit these places. The country has a variety of landscapes for you, starting from hills to beaches to the famous Sundarbans National Park.

Cox’s Bazar

The Cox Bazar is a famous place in Bangladesh. It is the world’s longest uninterrupted sea beach measuring approximately 125 km. This lace falls under the Chittagong division of Bangladesh and is locally known as Panowa. A lot of tourists fly down to Bangladesh to spend some quality time in the beach resorts of Coz Bazar. These resorts have their private beach so that you don’t have to face the local crowd rush. From Cox Bazar, a couple of kilometers away is the Buddhist village Ramu. The renowned Buddhist monastery, AggmedaKhyang is situated over here.

The Coz Bazar is also famous for the market which sells local fresh fishes, homemade cigars and handicraft items. At a distance of approximately 50 km, the first safari park of Bangladesh is located which is also called the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park. This park is another tourist attraction for its greenery.

Saint Martin

This spot is the only coral island in Bangladesh and is famous for the mesmerizing scenic beauty. The Saint Martin Island is of as less as 8 of land in terms of area. Previously known as Zajira Island, this spot is located near the Chhera Islands. British people named this place Saint Martin Island during their rule. The most beautiful part of this island is the serene landscape, sunrises and sunsets, the coral rocks found here, exotic village lifestyle, sea turtle hatchery and starry nights. The most adventurous activity done here is oceanic scuba diving. Apart from this, you can go for fishing, a walk by the sea beach, bonfire, etc.


Situated in the southern part of Bangladesh, Kuakata is known for its panoramic sea view. There are several sites to visit in this region which will fill your heart with joy. You will surely fall in love for the sandy beaches, the FatrarChor which is a part of the Sundarbans, Jhau Bon Forest, Gangamati Reserve Forest, etc. Apart from these, there are some religious places as well. These places attract a huge number of tourists every year. There are the famous Misripara Buddhist Temple and Keranipara Seema Temple which are visited by both native and foreign tourists every year.


The name Sundarbans is derived from two words, Sundar meaning beautiful and Ban meaning forest. This forest area is popularly known for the halophytic mangrove forests. The Sundarban forest area partly belongs to Bangladesh and partly to India. It is named under the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This densely covered forest is also the largest reserve for the Royal Bengal Tigers. The entire Sundarban region is divided into four parts. These parts are Sundarban National Park, Sajnakhali Wildlife Sanctuary, Sundarbans South Wildlife Sanctuary, and Sundarbans West Wildlife Sanctuary. The charismatic flora and fauna of this region are highly appreciated across the world.


The literal meaning of the term Bandarban is the Dam of Monkeys. Located under the Chittagong division of Chittagong Hill Tracts, this place is a must-visit for every tourist. It is considered as the most fascinating tourist spot of the country. The panoramic view of the beautiful mountains will captivate your heart and soul. The Buddha Dhatu Jadi is the largest Buddhist temple in Bangladesh which is situated over here. You can cherish the enthralling view of the Nilgiri and the Thanchi peaks from here. Apart from these, you must visit the Chimbuk Hill, UjaniparaVihar and Raj Vihar Buddhist Temple situated in the surroundings. The tribal villages of Bandarban will take you to the primitive days of forest life.


Rangamati is the Lake city of the country. Located at a distance of 77 km from Chittagong, this city is your appropriate destination for a serene experience. Even though you’ll get to see a lot of city life, but you will be amazed by the Hanging Bridge of Rangamati, Indigenous Museum, and Kaptai Lake.  There are many luxurious hotels situated in this city for tourists. You’re surely going to love this place for their tourist hospitality.


Chittagong is one of the biggest towns in the heart of Bangladesh. It is the transport hub of the country as it connects lots of places through the Amanat International Airport and the largest international seaport. Some of the famous tourist attractions of the town are Ethnological Museum, Patenga Beach, World War II Cemetery, Foy’s Lake, Shrine of BaizidBostami and Kattali Beach. Besides these tourist spots, the town also has the finest hotels and restaurants in this country.


The city of Sylhet is located near the Surma Valley, which is the most popular tourist spot in Bangladesh. Every year, loads of tourists all across the world come to visit this place. The Sylhet division of Bangladesh embraces a population of 5 lacs plus residents. It also has some of the exotic tourist spots which are Lawacherra Rain Forest, Sree Mangal Tea garden, Tamabil-Jaflong, etc.

A visit to this country will leave you spellbound as there is so much to witness. It is surrounded by nature and you will enjoy spending time over here. The culture, the history, the tradition, everything will draw your attention every time you visit Bangladesh.


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