Warning Signs That Your AC Needs Repair

Warning Signs That Your AC Needs Repair

If you live in an area where summer becomes excessively hot, then you know the importance of having an air conditioner in your home. For one, an AC ensures that there is proper circulation of air in the house. Secondly, it also prevents mold from growing in your house. Sometimes, after the AC has been operational for a while, it may start developing problems, which means that you need an expert to get it fixed. While at times the warning signs that an AC needs repair are evident, sometimes it is hard to know. And as it is, it is better to repair the AC before it gets completely spoilt as you will have to incur more costs. In this article, we will be looking at some of the warning signs that your AC needs a repair ASAP;

  1. Unusual noises

One of the telltale signs that your AC needs repair is when you start hearing weird noises coming from the AC. Most AC’s are designed to run quietly, and sounds coming from the AC needs your attention ASAP. Most times, you might assume the noises since the AC might be working correctly, but in the long run, your negligence might end up costing you a lot. The noises from faulty AC’s are different; some might have rattling noises, buzzing noises, squeaking noises, and so on. The moment you hear a squeecking sound, it might mean that your AC needs lubrication, or some part of the AC has moved from its original position. A buzzing noise, on the other hand, might mean that some part of the AC is broken. Whatever the case, it is vital to find air conditioning repair services immediately.

  1. Bad Odors coming from the AC

Is your AC emitting unpleasant smells the moment you put it on? Then it is time to get it checked. Bad odors from the AC are a clear indication that the flow of air is not as expected probably because the condensate drains are clogged or mold is growing inside the machine. To prevent yourself and your loved ones from getting sick, it is best if an expert gets to resolve the problem immediately.

  1. Faulty thermostat

Another sign that your AC needs repair is when your thermostat starts malfunctioning. A thermostat basically acts as the central unit of the AC, and when it is faulty, it means that the AC needs to be checked. How can you know if the thermostat is defective? When you notice that your AC doesn’t turn on or is not working as per the settings, that might be a thermostat problem. However, thermostat issues if realized early enough, can be promptly fixed by a technician.

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  1. High electricity bills

If you start noticing high energy bills coming in while other factors remain constant, then it might be time to check your AC. Some of the reasons your AC is consuming a lot of power might be a faulty thermostat, leaks in the ductwork or even when age is catching up. Whatever the case, it is vital to find a HVAC technician to check the system.

  1. Poor airflow

Another sign that is rather obvious when it comes to identifying a faulty AC is if it is not cooling down your home. The moment you put your AC on and realize that it is not working or it is taking longer to start cooling down the house, then you need to call your AC repair technician. Also, when there is uneven cooling around the house in that some parts of the house are cooler than others, the AC might be having airflow problems as well.

  1. Water Leaks

The AC system should remain dry at all times, but if you notice any water dripping from it, then that calls for your attention. In some less severe cases, the water leak might be caused by blocked or broken tubes while in some serious cases the leak might be a Freon leak. Note that Freon is poisonous both to humans and any pets that you might be having in your home. It is to your best interest that you call a pro to fix the problem immediately after noticing such.


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