What role can a good real estate agent play in buying or selling your property?

buying or selling your property

Whether you are switching homes, buying your first house, or want to sell the one you already have, the pressure to make the best decision is a tough task to handle on your own. From putting your house up on numerous real estate sites to finding the right house that suits your needs, these endeavors take a lot of time and end up consuming most of your day. Thankfully, there are better options that enable you to find, buy, or sell your real estate. That is exactly where real estate agencies such as Keatons comes into play. You might wonder why you need an agency to manage your property, and what role a good real estate agent can play in buying or selling your property. The answers to both are as follows:

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Property Value

Understanding what your property is worth is a really hard thing to do. People size up their property in accordance to basic ideas, like the area the property is in or the size of the property. For example, property in Hackney, East London might be worth more than property in the suburbs. A good real estate agent will help you evaluate what separates the better houses from the average ones in a specific area.

It starts with understanding what traits in a property appeal to a buyer. In a situation where you are selling a piece of property, the real estate agent will help you with strengthening your property’s image on the market. They will suggest repairs and appropriate changes you should make to get you the most value for your property. In a situation where you are buying a property, they will ask you about your needs and suggest properties from the numerous options available based on any specifics you might want. Apart from this, a real estate agent will be aware of the changes in the market that you may be oblivious to. They may even suggest that you sell/buy property 6 months later if it means you get a better value or price.


The market is ruthless and if you’re a rookie, it will eat you up. You might end up overpaying for a poorly constructed property, or you might end up selling property cheaper than its actual value. It takes people years to sell property because they either can’t get the desired value or just don’t know how to efficiently sell their land. A good real estate agent is just the person for you in this situation. This individual will not only tell you if your asking price is unreasonable but will also help you adjust the price to how the market works. Secondly, if you are on the buying end, a real estate agent will help get you better deals and provide a wider array of options to choose from. All of this comes from the contacts the agent has in the market. Renowned real estate agencies like Keatons are specialists when it comes to dealing with property. They have a wide range of contacts that help you make deals quickly. Being active in the real estate industry enables these agents to catalyze proceedings, which ends up saving time for all parties.


Once a price has been agreed, how exactly is a house bought or sold? Most people do not understand this process. This is one of the most important reasons why people go to good agents. These individuals will take care of all the transfer of ownership documentation, the legalities, and the finances. They will also act as a mediator for a safe and successful transfer of funds. These are sensitive transactions and it is imperative to have a professional involved in these dealings. If you have the right real estate agent, all you will have to do is sign in the right spaces.

Now that you have decided to hire a real estate agent, the last question is why Keatons? Keatons is one of the leading real estate agencies in the UK and their Hackney office has been rated in the top 100 real estate agent outlets in the UK by Rightmove and the Property Academy. Keatons has a brilliant record with a 9.7/10 rating on Trustpilot which is the largest reviewing platform in the world. If you are interested in buying or selling your property in Hackney, East London then look up Keatons and find a solution to your property needs.


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