Pull Off Looking Like A Homecoming Queen With These 4 Tips

Looking Like A Homecoming Queen

Going back to school at this time of the year is pretty exciting. You get to catch up with your friends, hear about their holidays, get involved in your favorite sports and start getting hyped about for homecoming. You’ve probably got your heart set on who you want to go with, but what about the outfit? Here are our tips for looking like the homecoming queen that we know you are.

  1. Get the Dress

This is the hardest part. For wanna-be homecoming queens, it can feel like a do or die situation. Of course, it’s the first thing everyone’s going to notice on the night, so you want to get your dress just right.

The Fit

Even if you choose the edgiest dress, you won’t achieve your look if the dress doesn’t fit correctly. So, get the tape measure out and measure your waistline, bust, shoulder length and arm holes. Then, take a look at Peaches Boutique long homecoming dresses and gowns for 2019.

The Style

Next, it’s time to consider what style you want. If your school allows bodycon or bandage dresses and they suit you, go for it. But there are lots of options, like maxi dresses and long gowns, that are just as homecoming queen worthy and sure to give you an enchanting and regal appeal.

When it comes to choosing the perfect style, the first thing to consider is your body type. Do you have an hourglass, inverted triangle or apple shape?

  1. The Hair

Once you’ve chosen your homecoming dress, you’ll need to decide on a hairstyle fit for a queen. Do you want something flirty and quirky or would you rather keep things classic and romantic? With the right outfit, you can achieve the perfect royal look.

perfect royal look

Need inspiration? Here are a few ideas:

  • Side-swept – Braid one side of your hair or pull together with bobby pins for a romantic side-swept effect.
  • Baby buns – These are tiny buns on either side of your head. It’s a great style if you’re going for a fun queen look.
  1. The Makeup

There are plenty of online tutorials out there on how to do your makeup, which means you can save money and get that homecoming queen-worthy look.

  1. The Details

Finally, being a queen means taking care of even the smallest of details, such as:

  • Glow in the dark – Take your beauty regimen to the next level by spraying on a lotion that has a shimmering tint. This will make sure you glow like the royalty you are when the strobe lights come on.
  • Teeth whitening – Start using teeth whitening toothpaste weeks before the dance to make sure your smile is extra bright, and you shine like a goddess.
  • The tan – Don’t go overboard with your tan. A healthy and beautiful glow is the way to go.
  • Eyeshadow – Cream eyeshadows are richer and more consistent than their powdered counterparts, which is more useful to you when you’re dancing the night away.
  • Eyebrows – Keep your eyebrows on point by keeping them strong, bold and beautiful.

Put all these tips together, and you’re sure to look the part of a homecoming queen!


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