Kitchen Remodel Planning: 9 Tips to Easily Renovate Your Kitchen

Kitchen Remodel Planning: 9 Tips to Easily Renovate Your Kitchen

An average kitchen remodel cost $21,751. That’s a lot to drop on a new kitchen, but that’s only the average. Some kitchen remodels can cost $50,000!

But what if you could do it cheaper? When you’re working on your kitchen remodel planning, take these factors into account. They can help you save money, time, and get you a beautiful remodel for cheaper.

Don’t Skimp on the Kitchen Remodel Planning Stage

Having a good plan is the best way you can ensure you get the kitchen of your dreams for the lowest price. Take time to compare different swatches. Lay them out on a vision board and notice what patterns, textures, and colors look best.

Draw out blueprints. You can even build your new kitchen in a home building software application, or a game like The Sims if you have it. Seeing a computer programmed idea of your vision can help bring some of your ideas into focus.

You can consider hiring a professional for a consultation and get their ideas. Good professionals can give you great kitchen remodeling tips. They’ll help you know where to splurge and where to save.

How Do You Really Use Your Kitchen?

How do you really use your kitchen? What kind of food do you like to cook? Do you prefer gas or electric? What utensils do you need close at hand?

What dreams do you have in mind? Do you wish you could entertain more people and cook bigger meals?

As you cook, ask yourself these questions about your dreams and pay attention to your habits. Consider keeping a log so you can record all your epiphanies as they occur.

You’re remodeling your dream kitchen for you. So keep your desires and habits in mind, and factor them into your remodel.

Avoid Moving Big Appliances

When you move your sink or stove, you may have to rewire electricity or rearrange the plumbing. And that can cost as much as $500 for every appliance you move.

Consider working with your existing layout as much as possible. This will help you save money by not re-routing walls or plumbing. Both of these can be really expensive upgrades.

You Can Save On Appliances

You don’t need to buy the latest greatest newfangled appliance. You can still get the absolute best out of your remodel with an older model.

Getting a model a few years back will still be new enough to improve your kitchen and last for years. But an older model – even only by a few years – can save you hundreds on your remodel.

Make a list of what’s important to you in your new kitchen appliances. Get the oldest model with most of your desired features.

Leave Room for More Upgrades

Most likely you’ll want to upgrade your appliances before you upgrade your kitchen. Appliances keep getting bigger, so accommodate accordingly during your kitchen remodel.

But you don’t have to leave gaps between your appliances and the surrounding cabinetry. Instead, get fillers. You can find these at any home improvement store. These will keep your kitchen looking gap-free. But you’ll still be able to upgrade to bigger appliances later on.

Paint It White

Cabinetry can easily become one of the most expensive upgrades. One way you can save is by working with what you have.

If your cabinets look dated, but they’re still in good shape, consider painting them white. This will keep them looking fresh and new. Sometimes a new paint is all you need

Are your doors dated too? You can look into replacing just the doors – which will also save you big buck on your remodel. Get the exact measurements. Sometimes even just replacing the knobs will be enough to look like a stylish new cabinet.

Don’t Throw Out What You Have Right Away

A kitchen remodel can take a long while. Some remodels take weeks or even months depending on your remodel and how much time you can put into it. You can cut back on how much hassle you tolerate by saving as much of you can out of your existing kitchen

Put old cabinetry in a different room until your remodel is done to stay organized. This will help keep you in a sane mind while you’re remodeling.

Set Up a Mock Kitchen First

Thinking about putting in an island or another big addition? Set up a mock version first with plywood. How does it work in the kitchen?

Do doors cut off pathways with the island in the way? Does it interfere with the natural flow of foot traffic around your kitchen? If so, consider making adjustments. At least you know now instead of after the new installation is complete.

Never Skip Your Contractor Inspection

When you’re remodeling, you may want to skip your inspection. They can be expensive, stressful, and loaded with bad news.

But it’s better to do things right the first time, then realize your kitchen isn’t up to code when you’re ready to sell. A setback like this can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars when you least want to put forth the effort. It’s better to get it done right straight out of the gate.

Kitchen Remodeling Doesn’t Have to Be Stressful

Congrats! You’re remodeling your kitchen and that’s thrilling! During your remodel, incorporate these nine kitchen remodel planning tips. Your renovation doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive.

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