5 Visible Signs of A Damaged Property

buying new property

When you’re thinking about buying a new place, all you want is something that would be long lasting and match up to your needs and demands. If wishes had wings, we would also wish for a place that can grow with our growing needs and wants. We always consider going for the best options when buying it. From looking in the exact location of the place to get the best space for your family, you just need each of the aspects covered well in your new acquisition. 

Buying a new property requires a lot of practical and theoretical work to be done! It includes multiple steps to make sure that you’re investing right. This grave decision which has a fat sum of your hard-earned money involved demands a proper research and knowhow. Getting in all the details before buying the place is thus very important. This may include various steps like getting the building inspection report to checking out with the pest situation, each tiny aspect asks for research and follow up.

  •  Damage signs that can’t be ignored 

 We know (and accept) that most of the places have some problems with them or another. No place can be in absolutely perfect condition. Similarly, not all places for sale may be having huge issues that can result in big loss. That’s the reason often a Kitchener based home inspector from TM Inspections is appointed, who provides accurate information about the building conditions and the areas that would be needing immediate action. But when you are serious enough to buy that place, do check for these signs that are visible enough so much that it can’t be ignored at all. 

Weak structure — A weak structure of a property can be recognized even from far. This is a huge negative point on any place. The structural condition of a place can result in any deal to be sealed or abandoned. As an investor, you need to think before taking over such building which has the basic foundation too weak and can result in a disaster at any second.

Pest accumulation — Termites and other home pests can be easily seen and spotted at any place. A pest inspection test should be carried out at the property to be sure of it. If you find a more than average amount of pests in any property, be wise with your decision to stay away from that place. You may have to bear serious costs of pest control to be done on the place. Of course, ignorance of the same just can’t be afforded. The chances of an increment of the infestation is more. This should affect your decision of purchasing the place. But still if you decide to acquire the property, better eradicate the issue beforehand.

Extreme water leakage — Another visible sign that the property you intend to buy can be extremely dangerous is visible water leakage. The leakage doesn’t show well on the walls and floorings unless and until the issue has grown up beyond the average mark. Again, the chances of the leakage being increased in future is more and it can create major disasters in the house. If after inspection of it you still intend to hit the buy button, first get the place insured and then start the repair. There may be lots of chances of the inner base getting weak because of the water accumulation and may even prove to be the reason of the total downfall of the place while repairing and waterproofing.

 Sealed for long — If the place you are planning to get your hands on has been closed for a long period of time, make sure to get it checked thoroughly. Such kind of houses may be facing innumerable issues and can be extremely dangerous. Check for problem areas like damaged electrical conditions, drainage leaks, breakdown of walls or ceilings, etc. These problems can be heavy on your pockets as well as your lives too. If in case you find a property that’s really attractive, but have been sealed for long, go for a detailed inspection and engage in major repair before stepping in. Make sure that the property is worth the money you are spending in the process.

Broken locks — Broken locks and seals are in itself a proof of danger in any property. This certifies that the place has been invaded — thefts or other criminal activities have probably taken place, and this can be disastrous in the future too. Even if repaired and rehabbed, this place would need lots of security installations later. Diving in such property may prove dangerous to your money and life. Make sure you’re ready for all the odds if you buy it. 

Such kind of visible signs doesn’t stand a chance to be ignored before an investment is made in their direction. If still, you do, keep your assets ready to fight against all the odds and build a happy home!


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