Top 9 Stylish Hijab Outfits For Summer 2019

Top 9 Stylish Hijab Outfits For Summer 2019

Summer is here and all hijabis are wondering what to wear to keep the heat at bay while looking modern and chic. We got you, scroll on for 9 super stylish hijab outfits you can use for inspiration. Summer is a great time to showcase your style because you will not be wrapped in huge coats and furs; you can play around with colors, materials, and textures to look awesome.

When we look at our closets, we find our favorite jeans, appealing designer tops, and adorable hijabs – but when the time comes to pair them together in an outfit, we keep wondering what would look best.

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We have compiled some beautiful hijab outfits that you can use to look even more stunning this summer. Most of these ideas come from our favorite stores, Zara and Mango; these two names don’t need any introduction as they’ve become the preferred brands for all women around the globe. While these fashionable hijabs come from Bokitta because of their fashionable prints, with a vast variety of colors. Bokitta’s patented hijabs are a must-have for all hijabis.

Here is your guide to pairing up outfits and form amazing 9 stylish hijab outfits this summer:

Folk Colors

For a light and breezy summer look, pair up a printed hijab with a plain top and designer jeans. The simple look will make you look effortlessly elegant for a casual day out in the summer heat.

There is a lovely printed and floral hijab collection that can be used for a breezy look. If you have chosen a hijab with a plain color and one prominent color, then you can choose your top and accessories for any of these colors to match your outfit and give a unified look. The white shoes from Zara is a great option that can go with just any option.

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Dacha Green

A cool color like Dacha Green will be best for a summer outfit. Use a floral or patterned dacha green hijab with a plain matching top and your favorite pair of jeans from Zara. For a balanced look, complete your outfit with white sneakers and a black designer bag from Micheal Kors. You can also replace the top with a light t-shirt and a darker lightweight summer jacket to keep the colors complimentary.

Pheonix Look

Create a uniquely remarkable look with phoenix hijabs. Wear a high waist beige pants from Mango. These loose, light and flowing pants are popular in the summer season among Hijabis.To complete the Phoenix look, get a contrasting colored light blue bag and top and white high heel shoes. High heel shoes paired with these beige pants will make you look like a diva.

Folk Girl

Why not bring out your brighter side this summer with a folk girl look? Wear a floral hijab with neutral base color and bright colored flowers on the top. The top should have the same color as the bright flowers to make the look appear whole. Pair up with Mango jeans and Givenchy bag of the same color as your top and bright flowers or patterns from Bokitta’s Babushka hijab collection. Finally, add high heels preferably of the base color of your hijab.

Dacha Purple

What spells freshness and lightness in summer better than a floral dacha purple look? Keep the whole look light with a vintage jean, a light-color skirt, Veja sneakers, and Kate Spada bag. This creates a very bright and fresh hijab outfit inspiration for the summer season. These fashionable & pinless Hijabs from Bokitta give you the added advantage that they look great with anything you wear.

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Dacha purple Dark

Blame our love for purple but one of the best summer hijab outfit inspiration comes again with dacha purple using a darker outfit. Why not pair up this beautiful hijab with a dark purple top and favorite Joe’s Jeans. While you can support the overall look with white Nike sneakers, you can carry an earth-colored bag to tone the whole outfit.

Russkaya Rose Dark

If you want a formal look to go to a party, then pair a floral hijab with bright roses on it. Wear a long gown of the same color as the roses in your Bokitta hijab. To soften the look, use beige or dull gold shoes and same colored handbag. Armani has a few extraordinary handbags that you will fall in love with.

Russkaya Rose Light

We just fell in love with Russkaya Rose hijab so both hijab outfits feature a look with the same hijab as well. Use a light color top that complements the base color of hijab. For the trouser and jacket, use the same color so that the outfit looks well-planned. Plan a trip to Zara or Mango if you are planning to add any new jacket or trouser this summer; their latest collections will definitely inspire hijabis for spending some extra money for  Accessorize with any light or breezy shoes that are perfect for the hot weather.


If you want a calming look on a hot summer day, use this stylish hijab with calming colors. Wear a white long dress, preferably without any patterns or colors. This summer look will become even more fashionable and trendy with silver shoes and handbag.

Float higher this summer

Choosing an outfit during summer can be quite tricky but you can take inspiration from our best summer hijab outfits recommendations. Be ready to play out with colors. First you have to choose the hijab, and pick 2-3 colors in the hijab: 2 neutral colors and one accent colors. Wear the accent (vibrant color) in your accessories or shirt, and wear the neutral colors in your outfit.

Pro tip: Try to create a balance, for hijabis with short stature, go monochrome, it is recommended to use chosen hijab’s base color in your dress to give an impression of uniformity in look. If you are a tall hijabi, wear a contrast-colored dress with your hijab for a graceful look.

Accessorize carefully

Do not accessorize a lot; keep it minimal but select your accessorize carefully. Since your lively hijabs and well-planned outfit will make you stand out of the crowd, so there is no reason to put on a lot of accessories. The sun is blazing hot, so keep it light and easy-to-manage. Remember, printed hijabs are actually an accessory that can bring your outfit together.



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