How to Overcome a Toxic Relationship?


We often get into a relationship with the person we feel most comfortable. Every individual has some qualitative requirements which they search in their partner. When he or she finds all these qualities in a person, they tend to get along with each other.

As a relationship grows, the individuals get to know each other closely and clearly. The love enhances as you two continue the journey of life together, but is it all for a relationship to flourish? A relationship depends on a lot of things such as loyalty, trust, respect, understanding, and love. If your relationship lacks one or more of these then you might be in a toxic relationship.

You cannot discuss this with your partner or even if you discuss, he or she doesn’t care much about it. If this is the situation then you must get rid of this relationship. Every person can’t make certain compromises so that a relationship can flourish. If both the partners are not equally into it, then it is a toxic relationship for both of you. Now, that you are out of a toxic relationship but you can’t get over it. Here is something which might help you. It is not tough to over a toxic relationship.

Learn to Let Go

We fear to lose and due to this, we tend to hold on to a lot of things in life. This is also applicable to the people in our life as well. You must learn to let things go away. You need to move on but for this, you need to drop down the burden of past.

Your memories with your partner, all the toxicity, everything must be left out in the past so that you can move ahead in your future. If you try to carry all of it, you will never be able to move ahead. Your life will become stagnant and meaningless. You won’t be interested to focus on life, career and also you will never let anyone else come into your life. Let go the past so that you can embrace the future.


You Deserve Better

You must respect yourself and have faith in yourself. Even if the past relationship went bad and turned out to be toxic, it doesn’t mean that all of it was your fault. Remember that we all deserve something better and so do you. You might have invested a lot of your time, efforts and life on the wrong person, but due to this doesn’t stop the right person from coming into your life.

You will feel a lot relieved when you move out from a toxic relationship. In this process, you will feel heartbroken, depressed and lost but this is not the end of the world. You deserve better and you will come across the right person at the right time.

Hoping Your Partner Will Change

The biggest mistake most people commit after being in a toxic relationship is that their partner will change. A lot of us expect that someday he or she will understand. One day he or she will realize their mistakes. On the contrary, it is you who are committing the mistake of hoping. If your partner had to change or realize their own mistakes then that would have been great.

Toxic people don’t understand that they are toxic. It is the way they are and you cannot change a person in a day or a decade. If the person, all by himself wishes to change, then only you’ll see changes. If it doesn’t come from within then it will never come. So it is better to stop hoping and move on. Get rid of the toxic relationship and make peace with own self.

This Change Will Hurt

Moving out of a toxic relationship is a great chance for you and the people around you. You are about to take a decision which will affect your life and the lives of people closest to you. There were days when you were alone, crying inside the bathroom, fearing to speak up, etc. It’s not going to be the same anymore and these changes will surely affect you. You might feel hurt because you loved that person. Love is an entirely different part of the relationship. You might miss the intimacy, the good days you had spent with your partner.

Remember, the toxicity cannot be eliminated from the relationship until and unless you eliminate your partner. The pain will grow as you try to move away from everything related to your partner. Most importantly, always remember that nothing is more precious than your self-respect so take a stand for yourself. Face it and dump the toxic relationship in the dustbin of your past. We make wrong decisions in life but that doesn’t mean it’s permanent. There’s always hope and ways to mend the wrongs we’ve done to ourselves as well as others.

Cry Out Loud

Is the pain too much to bear? Don’t you have anyone to talk to? Try crying your heart out to yourself. Be honest with yourself and cry out loud. You don’t have to care who is watching or who is thinking what about you. You need to let it out so that the next time you think of this toxic relationship, it hurts a little less. Cry as much as you want, all day and night. Just release the pain so that there is nothing more to hold in.

You don’t have to pretend to be a strong person and walk straight like nothing happened to you. If you are affected by it, react to it, cry, shout at the top of your voice and let it all out. No one will judge you and even if anyone does, you don’t have to worry about it. You were in that toxic relationship, not the people who are judging you. You faced all that mental, emotional and physical torture, they didn’t. Once you have let it all out, you will feel light from within. It is quite similar to the feeling of letting down a huge burden from your back.

Getting rid of a toxic relationship is not easy. Forgetting everything and moving ahead is not a matter of a day, week, month or year. Not all of us are same and because of this, we react differently to different situations.


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