Brighten Up Your Mood And Interiors With These 6 Plants

Brighten Up Your Mood And Interiors With These 6 Plants

Let us just accept the fact that plants surround us with a happy and cheerful spirit. From filling the empty corners of the room to filling us with positivity, flowering plants are used to decorate and renovate our homes, since ages. Some people even find it convenient to keep their office desks decorated with some flowering plants. There could be absolutely no one who could question the exuberance and the innate power of these blossoming beauties. Other than bringing life to your home decor, plants are said to be directly taking care of its host’s health, prosperity and to attract the good energy, as per Vaastu Shastra and Feng shui norms. So, we never underestimate the power of a flowering plant in Indian household.

Keeping up with the Feng shui and Vaastu norms, we have shortlisted some flowering plants in India for renovating your home. Have a look!

1. Desert Rose – Popularly known as Adenium Desert Rose plant, this flowering plant requires minimum care and effort to be cultivated and bear fruits of fortune for its hosts. As per Fengshui norms, this bright pink colour flower-bearing plant is said to bless your family members with good health and wealth.

2. Peace Lily – As the name suggests itself, this plant has a magical aura of making your home environment peacefully habitable. From bearing serene white colour flowers to promoting wellness and positive energy, peace lily plant extends a better sleeping experience to each of the family members.

3. Jasmine – At the very first sight, you are sure to fall prey to its fragrance. But this plant has got more than just its soothing fragrance to offer! Jasmine plant when placed across any east, north or northwest corner of your home is said to rekindle the romance and extend healthy relationship among a couple. It also aims to create a happy, relaxing aura around us.

4. Hibiscus – The relevance of Vastu has been restored with the help of a hibiscus plant in this 21st century. Not many know this, but planting a hibiscus sapling in your home instigates Lord Surya to answer all your unheard prayers, as per Vastu norms. Hibiscus plant also acts as a powerful shield of protection and helps to gain recognition for each of its family members.

5. Kalanchoe – One of the most significantly used flowering plants in India for renovating your home has to be this kalanchoe plant. This household plant is said to be placed in your bedroom near your bed to release an ample amount of fresh oxygen to extend peaceful, undisturbed sleep and to provide permanent relief from insomnia. Kalanchoe has got strong, positive energy which gets reflected through its innate power and charm.

6. Ixora – If you feel that your place has lost its good energy, then get your home sweet home an Ixora plant. Ixora plant does not just contribute to the beauty of your home, they also intend to allure good health, wealth and luck, channeling directly into your life.

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So, now we know that they don’t just match the colour of your decor, rather are owing to a lot of beneficial factors around us. Sight, Scent and for good time sakes, these beauties are no less than your other assets.


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