Dermal Fillers: Pros and Cons

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are special compositions of substances in the form of liquids or gels for injection introduction in a term for the purpose of the general rejuvenation of skin, correction of external signs of aging, elimination of deformations, hems, extensions and restoration of the lost hypodermic volumes of fabrics.

What is the filler for skin?

Today actively apply a large amount of import and domestic fillers of various structure lasting effect from 2 months up to 7 years having the features, contraindications and indications. Therefore it isn’t necessary to hurry with the choice, and it is better to consult with the experienced professional cosmetologist.

It is necessary to emphasize that skin fillers unlike neurotoxins (for example, a botulotoksina) do not cause abnormal paralysis of muscles.

Types of dermal fillers:

  1. Synthetic permanent. These are gels with base in the form of synthetic polymers (alkylamines, silicone, polymethylsiloxane, biopolymer gel). They do not resolve and remain in fabrics of 5 years and more. Can migrate (to be displaced) and cause rejection.
  2. Biosynthetic medicines with polymethyl methacrylate and polylactic acid – resolve partially;
  3. The biodegraded (temporary) fillers which are exposed to splitting in fabrics and with a different speed completely are removed from an organism. The resolving fillers with hyaluronic acid and a hydroxyapatite of calcium are most spread.

The most common fillers are:


Collagen is the natural protein which is contained in bones, cartilages, skin and sinews. There are certain collagen, which is contained in skin tissues which are vital for healthy skin and its elasticity. Usually bull collagen is entered into human skin. In general collagen is entered into human skin to fill lost in it, because of aging process, collagen. Result is smoothed wrinkles.


It is filler on the basis of hyaluronic acid by means of which it is possible to eliminate nasolabial folds, wrinkles, to correct a shape of cheekbones, lips and a face form. Contour plastic with restylane filler costs from $109.


This filler is made of botulism toxin. It is used for correction of thin folds and wrinkles on a forehead and eyes. It relaxes the muscles forcing skin to be smoothed.

Juvederm ultra 4 

It is the highly effective concentrated gel filler from the American producers designed to solve qualitatively the problems connected with front signs of aging of an organism.This injection implant is made of the natural substance called by hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid keeps a large amount of moisture and connects to collagen and lastin, delivering nutrients to fibers which make and support structure of skin. Juvederm ultra 4 it is used for filling and smoothing of front wrinkles and folds. 

How much do dermal fillers cost?

As a rule, the price for thermal fillers fluctuates from 79 to 634 dollars. It depends on the country of the producer, a form of production of medicine and its name. The procedure of rejuvenation in cosmetology offices does not exceed $793. It already depends on the city and specialization of an office of beauty and recognition of the doctor.

It should be noted that with hyaluronic acid it is possible to carry to the main advantages of thermal fillers:

  • Increase in elasticity;
  • Giving of elasticity;
  • Stimulation of growth of fabrics;
  • Restoration of natural process in skin;
  • Alignment of wrinkles;
  • Creation of a relief of skin;
  • Modeling and strengthening of face contours and body;
  • Elimination of circles under eyes.

Dermal fillers can be applied to the face and body:

  • Rejuvenation of area around eyes and lips;
  • Giving of a necessary form to a nose;
  • Increase in volume of cheeks;
  • Correction of a shape of cheekbones;
  • Modeling of lines and volume of a chin;
  • Increase in lips;
  • Rejuvenation of a neck;
  • Correction of a shape of hands and legs.

But this procedure, as well as at others, has contraindications:

  • pregnancy, feeding by a breast, oncological and autoimmune diseases, sharp and skin infectious diseases, exacerbation of chronic diseases, hemophilia, skin inflammations in the field of estimated injections;
  • tendency of skin to education hems;
  • existence in the adjusted zones of permanent fillers, such as silicone or biopolymers;
  • an allergy to medicine components;
  • recent application of a laser or chemical peeling,
  • combination with massage.

Therefore before rejuvenation of skin it is necessary to consult with the expert and to make necessary tests.

You ate it will not make, you can have complications, such as:

  • temporary puffiness, bruises, morbidity, burning, tightening and pricking of skin;
  • morbidity in the place of a prick;
  • effect of “gray circles” in infraorbital area;
  • herpeticrashes;
  • allergy.

The rare complications arising because of the wrong technology of introduction, are:

  • blueness of integuments;
  • visibility of filler through skin (2 – 3 months later, this unpleasant effect disappears);
  • occlusion of vessels of a retina of an eye.

Because some cosmetologists oppose thermal fillers as this procedure of rejuvenation of skin can be dangerous. But other doctors say that this procedure is safe if to follow some rules: 

  1. Skin rejuvenation by thermal fillers is a method of treatment, therefore, with special preparation not to do without doctor. This procedure only externally can seem simple process, but it not so. It means a certain protocol of action for an exception of any side effects and allergic reactions;
  2. In house conditions it is forbidden to inject as it is possible to catch something. The doctor has to use the safe and sterile equipment, put on gloves throughout all procedure and to be well prepared in process processing from beginning to end;
  3. The injections products have to be certified. Now it is simple to get cosmetic injections online, but it is worth doing it attentively. If you found in sale skin filler at greatly reduced prices, for example, of 80-90%, then be ready that sell you a fake or a low-quality product. Therefore after its introduction to skin you can have a heavy allergic reaction;
  4. The plastic surgeon and the cosmetologist have to submit in details indications to application and use of skin fillers for full justification of expectations of the patient.

Therefore it is the best of all for holding a procedure of rejuvenation – see the certified doctors for introduction of dermal filler – it will be for you the safest way of pleasure advantages of an injection without additional risks for health.You can buy dermal fillers on our website at a nice price. We have discounts – hurry –


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