9 Must-Know Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Pool Clean Year-Round

9 Must-Know Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Pool Clean Year-Round

Summertime is here, which means it’s time to put your pool to good use.

Swimming pools are becoming more common in the United States. Between the years 2014 and 2019, the pool industry grew by 2.4%.

If you’re new to pool care, then you may be overwhelmed by all that’s involved in keeping your pool clean. This post will help with that problem.

Follow the nine pool maintenance tips below to keep your pool clean during the summer.

1. Check Your Pool Chemistry

You can’t just open your pool and let your water sit throughout the summer. You need to maintain proper water chemistry.

When your pool doesn’t have the right balance of chemicals, it can cause your skin and eyes to become irritated. If you want a clear pool, then it can also look murky.

Make sure you keep the following chemicals in check.

Free Chlorine

You need to keep your pool free of germs. Chlorine is a sanitizer and will kill off any problems.

Cyanuric Acid

Chlorine does a good job at killing germs, but the sun can destroy it. Cyanuric acid is what helps protect chlorine from the sun.


This chemical balance is your pH level. It needs to be between 7.2 and 7.8 if you want to prevent any irritation for the people in the pool.

Calcium Hardness

This chemical will help prevent damage to your plaster. The amount you need will depend on what material your sides are made out of.

2. Clean Your Skimmer Basket

Have you ever looked into your skimmer and were amazed about how much was in it? If you leave it in there, then you’re asking for trouble.

If your skimmer basket gets too full, then it could prevent it from working correctly. This means that it won’t filter out anything from your pool, and you’ll get all kinds of debris floating around.

Try to keep a weekly schedule for cleaning your basket.

3. Skim Your Pool’s Surface

It seems like common knowledge, but people forget to do it. Make sure you use a pool skimmer to remove any debris floating on the top of your pool.

Your skimmer basket might not catch everything. If you let things linger on the top, they can end up floating to the bottom. You’ll have a harder time getting it out when it’s down there.

If you don’t clean your pool’s bottom manually, try out a robot vacuum. It will clean the bottom of your pool for you and remove any debris.

4. Use Shock

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you try. You still end up with a cloudy pool.

When this happens, don’t be afraid to add some shock to your pool. When your pool is cloudy, this means that there is a lot of bacteria in it. A good shock will take care of this problem for you.

It does this by raising your chlorine levels for a short amount of time. This process puts enough chlorine in the pool to kill off the bacteria inside the water.

5. Watch Your Water Level

It may seem harmless, but the wrong water level can lead to your pool not functioning properly.

If your water level doesn’t reach your skimmer, it won’t be able to remove the bacteria and debris that floats at the top. It’s going to sit and cause problems with the water.

At the same time, your water level shouldn’t be too high. It should reach the halfway point of your skimmer. This also makes it hard for your skimmer to catch debris.

6. Absorb Oils With Tennis Balls

If you brought a tennis ball to the pool, it was probably to have fun with. But did you know that you can use it to clean out the oils in your pool?

People can leave behind oils when swimming in your pool. These oils come from sunscreen, skincare products, and hair products. They come off when people are in the pool.

The fibers from the tennis ball will absorb the oils and prevent them from becoming noticeable on your water’s surface.

7. Clean Your Pool Filter

You can’t expect a filter to perform at its best without being cleaned. Debris will get stuck in it, so it will start performing poorly after some time.

Make sure you set a schedule to take your pool filter out and clean it off. You don’t need to take it out weekly, but do try to get it cleaned every couple of months.

8. Prepare for Winter

Not using the pool for the winter doesn’t mean you can just forget about it. You need to prepare it for the time off.

Before closing up, make sure all your chemicals are balanced. Balancing your chemicals will help prevent the spread of bacteria during the winter.

Once you finish, blow out the extra water from your plumbing. After your done, you can put on your winter cover.

9. Hire a Pool Cleaner

Keeping a pool clean is a lot of work, and you might not have the time to take care of everything. If this sounds like you, then hiring a pool company to take care of things is a good option.

They can come out on a monthly or annual basis. A monthly checkup will keep your water chemistry in check and your pool clean. A yearly visit will prepare your pool for use during the summer.

A pool service can also help if you have faulty equipment. Pool pumps go bad at times, so you may need to have it replaced.

You might be asking, “are there pool companies near me?” If so, then head to Google to find the stores near you.

Make Sure You Don’t Forget Your Pool Maintenance

Pools are great for hot summers, but it takes work to keep them up. If you don’t follow good pool maintenance advice, then you could end up with a green pool that nobody wants to use.

The tips above will get you started, so start taking care of your pool today.

Do you want more tips you can use to take care of your home? Head back to our blog to read our other tips.


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