13 Professional Tips for Making Sure Your Ferrari is Ready to Be Sold


It is almost inevitable that you are going to sell your car to upgrade to a better one. At some point in your life, you are going to say goodbye to your old baby and buy a new one. This is a hard process for many people and not many people know how to properly prepare their car, especially Ferrari, for the selling process. It’s not as simple and easy as you may initially think. There are some important steps to take, especially with a high end luxury sports car.

Selling a Ferrari is not all that easy because you have to clean, advertise, and many more aspects. It is not one, two, three, and it is done as some people claim. That is why we are going to take a look at how you should properly prepare your Ferrari and what you should do to sell your Ferrari properly.

1.      Choose Where to Advertise

Before you do anything with your Ferrari you are going to want to figure out where you are going to advertise that it is for sale. However, you should first figure out how much it is worth. For this, you may want to check out webuyexotics.com. This website will help you prepare to sell your Ferrari and help you get an estimate of what it is worth.

You are going to want to keep in mind that selling a Ferrari is way different than selling any other type of care and there are a few things you should avoid. For one, avoid dealerships. A dealership is going to provide you with the lowest possible price for your car. Plus, they are only wanting to sell you another car in exchange for the Ferrari.

You can and probably will use online services to post your Ferrari online. This is going to take some time because you are going to want to value your car and then compare it to other vehicles online. You are also going to want to find the best auto sales website for your individual needs.

You are going to want to avoid putting physical documents on the care stating that it is for sale. This usually leads nowhere and will most likely end up with a prank call.

2.      Price it Right

The price of your Ferrari should be fair as well as realistic. You are going to want to research on the market as well as other places to understand what a good price is for your vehicle. If you overprice a vehicle it is going to turn people away, however, underpricing a vehicle can raise suspicion. Not to mention, underpricing is going to take away your profits.

Keep in mind that you are the one selling your car and if you think that the price is fair, list it at that price and explain why it is that price. Some things that could make a price higher is that there is only one owner, has low mileage, or aftermarket accessories.

3.      Make it Pretty

Now that you are prepared at the price of your car and the place you are going to advertise it, you can start to make it look beautiful. Many people fall in love with a car at first sight. This means that when a person sees a beautiful car, they are more likely to purchase it than one that does not get their attention.

You are going to want to make sure that it is thoroughly cleaned. You want the inside and outside to be cleaned and polished. Experts recommend using auto detailing services to help make sure that the car is as clean as possible. Plus, a clean and pretty car will sell for more than a dirty car.

4.      Fix It

You should also have the car serviced before it is listed. This means any minor or major faults should be fixed. Plus, a person is more likely to buy it if the car passed a safety inspection in a recent time period. For most places, this is required at least every two years. If your car has twelve or more months left until inspection, people are more apt to buy it.

5.      Have all Documents

When you are selling your Ferrari or any vehicle for that matter, you are going to want all the documents. This means you should have the owner’s manual, log book, and any service records. If you have these documents, people are more likely to buy from you because you are credible. Plus, if there was anything recently done such as tires, these have a warranty on the receipts.

6.      Make the Meeting

You should always meet with a potential buyer in a public place. Do not meet at a house or a distant spot. This is to protect you. You may also want to bring someone with you for extra precaution. You can use an app such as OfferUp to find good meeting spots in the community. Places such as the post office or police station are always a good spot to meet. This way you are in the open and in an area where people can see you.

7.      Carry Yourself in a Professional Manner

If you are acting like a professional, people are more likely to respect you and purchase from you. If you are acting rude, unintelligent, and snobby people are going to go in the opposite direction. It is important that you are dressed nicely but still casual and that you carry yourself in a positive manner.

8.      Know Your Stuff

When you are selling a Ferrari, it is important that you know what you are talking about when you go to meet with someone. If you sound knowledgeable about your information then people are more likely to want to buy it from you. Remember, do not lie about your car just tell them the truth and the facts. Know details about the engine and features.

9.      Test Drives

As someone buys a car, they want to test drive it. This is so that they can get a feel for the vehicle and see if they spot any problems. You should have no reason not to let a person test drive your vehicle. However, before you allow them behind the wheel you should see their license. Plus, you may want to check with your insurance on how they would handle an accident during a test drive.

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You should never allow a person to test drive your vehicle if you are not in there with them. There should be no exceptions made to this rule for any reason. This is for safety and other reasons. You may be able to explain specific things about your vehicle while you are riding along during the test drive or be able to explain something to the potential buyer.

10. Be Prepared for Negotiation

If you are not used to selling cars or are not a professional seller, you should know that bargaining can be really stressful. However, there is a way to make it easier for you. All you need to do is prepare for it. You should determine the lowest price you will take and have that in the back of your mind. This will allow you to negotiate on your price but still have a line where you will not budge on. If this line is reached then you need to state that this is the final offer.

11. Make the Deal

You need to prepare on how you want to have a person pay for the vehicle. You may want a person to pay all at once, or you may allow them to make installment payments. Be sure that before the keys are handed over, that you have the full amount that you agreed upon. You should also prepare a sold as seen paper so that you as well as the buyer can sign it. You should make a copy and keep one with you and one should be going with the buyer.

12. Have the Money Before Handing Over the Keys

Whether you are having someone pay all upfront or are accepting payments you should always ensure that the payment processes and they have the funds in their account. If you hand over the keys before the check or payment processes, you are risking losing your vehicle.

13. Honesty

During the whole process, you should focus on honesty. After all, you are selling a luxury car and many people want the best of the best. People also appreciate honesty as well. Not to mention, it helps people feel confident when they are honest. Keep in mind that the history of the car, mileage, and accidents can be looked up pretty easily. This should steer you in the direction of being honest.

Wrap Up

When selling your Ferrari, it is important to be professional, reasonable, and honest. This is going to help you sell your car in the fastest manner possible at highest price possible.


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