Best Wineries to Visit in Santa Cruz, California

Best Wineries to Visit in Santa Cruz, California

California is well-recognized as a leader in terms of wine because it is home to some of the best wineries and tasting rooms anywhere in the country. The Santa Cruz area has a few spots that are definitely worth checking out.

Ridge Vineyards

Ridge Vineyards has been an important part of the wine community since 1962. Despite changes in the way current wines are produced and sold, Ridge Vineyards continues to focus on tradition. The owners make it a priority to maintain the quality and taste that you can only get from traditional winemaking processes.

Ridge Vineyards currently has two locations, with the Monte Bello location situated right in the Santa Cruz Mountains. The casual tasting room is open every weekend and estate tastings require prior reservations. Many visitors choose to pack a picnic and enjoy the beautiful backdrop of the mountains.

MJA Vineyards

The MJA Vineyards in Los Gatos sources its wines directly from the Santa Cruz Mountains. In addition to fresh wine tastings, visitors can also enjoy live music and a relaxing Hawaiian-inspired environment. There is also an on-site shop that sells bottled wine, packaged Kona coffee, and MJA attire.

Make sure you visit MJA Vineyards for one of the upcoming events. It frequently hosts meet and greets with famous musicians and local athletes. Choosing a hotel in close proximity to the Santa Cruz Mountains can make it easier to plan a beautiful outing at one of the best local wineries, such as MJA Vineyards.

Storrs Winery

Storrs Winery & Vineyards boasts a unique farm-to-vineyard theme. It values locally grown and sourced wines and foods and often hosts events to celebrate the small-town farmer. The Santa Cruz Storrs Winery location is a tasting room located inside the Old Sash Mill. Guests can taste some of the homegrown wines seven days a week from noon until 5 p.m. You can also make a reservation to visit outside of the normal tasting room hours.

Soquel Vineyards

There is a reason that many of Soquel Vineyards wines have won numerous awards throughout the years. Founded in 1987 by twin brothers and a friend, the vineyard has grown to include over 3 acres of hilly vineyards. In addition to the award-winning wines made from grapes grown right on the property, guests also enjoy the unique historical makeup of the land. Join the wine club, shop for unique bottles of wine, and then take a stroll around the property to see the historical Italian roof tiles or the beautiful views of Monterey Bay.

Beauregard Vineyard

The Beauregard Vineyard is family-owned and -operated with a tasting room in the rural community of Bonny Doon. The wine selections are constantly rotating, meaning every visit and glass is unique. A typical wine tasting experience at Beauregard Vineyard consists of five flights of wine along with an educational experience. Frequent visitors can also join the Beauregard Vineyard wine club, which supplies six shipments of 100-percent-sourced Santa Cruz Mountain wines each year.

You can easily fill a weekend with local wine tastings in the Santa Cruz area. Get ready for fresh wines, memorable experiences, and breathtaking mountain views.


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