Best 7 Steps- How to Safely Use a Pressure Washer Spray Gun

Best 7 Steps- How to Safely Use a Pressure Washer Spray Gun

When cleaning exterior surfaces, a pressure washer is a suitable machine to use. It gets the work done much fast and effectively. However, understanding how to use it properly would prevent injuries that could arise due to inappropriate use of the machine.

In this article, you will learn the seven steps to safely use a pressure washer spray gun.

But first…

What is a Pressure Washer Gun?

A pressure washer gun is a device designed to get rid of dirt and debris that could prevent water from penetrating inside nooks and crannies. You can attach the device to a water hose and get rid of dirt and grime from hard-to-reach surfaces. The power it delivers through the nozzle can get rid of the hard to remove dirt.

How a Pressure Washer Gun Works?

A pressure washer gun can either use gas or electric motor to pump out water through the nozzle powerfully. The components of the pressure washer gun including the nozzle, motor, and pump are crucial. They work hand-in-hand to get rid of grime that has stuck for long.

This makes a pressure washer gun the best device to use when you want to clean your interior and exteriors effectively.

That said, here are the steps to safely use a pressure washer prayer gun.

Understand the Job at Hand, Assess the Dangers and How to Lessen the Risks

You can spend some few minutes to assess the job and the dangers associated with it. This will help you lessen the chances of getting injured.Survey the area you intend to clean and ask yourself some questions like:

  • Am I ready for the cleaning task?

If you had a busy day and you feel exhausted, you might want to postpone the cleaning.

  • Is the weather conducive for pressure washing?

You should never pressure wash in the rain or when there are heavy winds

  • What are the measures I can take to prevent injuries?

Think of all possible hazards you could come across and think of how you can prevent them from happening.

Choose a Suitable Pressure Washer Gun

There are different pressure washer guns that are suitable for different kinds of pressure washing. Also, different surfaces can withstand different water pressures. Therefore, choose a suitable pressure washer gun. Even if you work with the best pressure washer gun, it can still cause injuries to you.

Wear the Right Protective Gear

Some of the injuries that happen can be prevented by wearing the right protective gear. Some people think that wearing protective gears is only applicable when pressure washing in commercial places. Even though there are no rules at home, you should never forget to wear steel toe boots and other protective gear.

To prevent injuries:

  • Wear glasses– As the water hits the surface under high pressure, objects such as dirt and debris will fly and hit your face. What if they hit your eyes? Ensure to put on goggles or glasses.
  • Wear covered shoes– The best shoes to wear are steel toe gam boots or other enclosed shoes.
  • Get some pairs of gloves– Your hands are most exposed to injuries when pressure washing than any other part of the body. Ensure to cover them by wearing gloves.

Go Through the User Manual Carefully

Before you power on your pressure washer gun, read the manual that came with it from front to back- carefully. Apart from gas and electric pressure washer guns, there are also those known as direct drive, belt drive, hot water, and cold water.

The user manual has all the details about the pressure washer gun you have so don’t ignore it.

Avoid Using a Gas Pressure Washer Gun Indoors

With indoors, we mean enclosed areas. The loud noise and poisonous exhaust fumes are hazardous for your health.

Mind the Surrounding

This applies when pressure washing in busy places where there are passing cars and people or at home where there is playing children and pets or even on slippery surfaces, places with live electric wires and power lines.

Never Pressure Wash at Height

Imagine what a fall from 4-feet could cause to your body? It is very dangerous to pressure wash on ladders or at height. If you have to, then ensure your feet are planted firmly on the ground.

You risk injuring yourself when using a pressure washer sprayer gun if you don’t follow the steps we have outlined above.


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