Why shouldn’t you ignore your nails

Why shouldn’t you ignore your nails?

In an era of growing awareness about hygiene and health issues, we all are obsessed with taking a walk early in the morning, working out in the gym or putting self-restraint on the excessive intake of calories. But the never-ending list of standard healthy habits religiously followed worldwide does not ever include consulting a physician for early detection of any health hazards related to our nail probably because nail neither pains nor bleeds. You may have read about an overwhelming number of articles featuring ways and means to keep the heart healthy and happy. We boast of celebrating World Diabetes day or World Heart day, or there are stipulated days and weeks defined by different statutory health bodies across the world dedicated to different organs and parts of the bodies, but probably nobody has ever thought of nails in such a way with a lot of sincerity. So in a way, nails always remain in the dusk of neglect and further go down into the oblivion of lack of awareness.

Some hidden facts revealed by nails

As the landscape of global awareness about health and wellness is evolving at a rapid pace, researchers and medical practitioners across the globe finally turned their eyes on nails, and they have found merits on the doctrine of nails having the eminent capability to call out clues about the overall well being of the human body. Nails can also hint about the functional health of different glands and body parts too. Broken and discolored nails waive out a caution about malnutrition, disproportional trends in hormone secretion and also signals deplorable condition of thyroid glands. Nails cut into good shape do not only make our hands and feet look nice but also give you a feeling of pride while flaunting them out to others.

Tips for healthy and beautiful nails

❖  Don’t leave your nails wet and moist. It will pave ways for bacteria to grow under the skin of fingernails.

❖  Always indulge in good hygiene. Never share your nail scissors with anyone, not even with your siblings

❖  Always disinfect your manicure equipment by sterilizing them before use.

❖  Trim your nails and keep them in shape. Never let your nails grow out of proportion.

❖  Avoid using nail polish, which is high on chemical content.

❖  It is always advisable not to keep your nails in the contact of hard detergents or dishwashing liquids that contains a higher concentration of alkali. So you can use protective gloves while rinsing clothes or washing dishes

❖  Nail art has now become inevitable, but it is always better to get it done from through a professional in a reasonably reliable place. Else, it may get your nails exposed to harmful chemicals, which can lead to potential damage to your nails.

❖  Fingernails are made of protein which is called Keratin. We can improve the quality of our nail by adding more vitamins and supplements like Vitamin E, Biotin and liver cod oil. Lack of any of these essential elements in your daily diet can make your nails fragile which could eventually result in making nails prone to frequent splits.

❖  Instead of letting someone the autonomy to decide on behalf of you what is good for your nail, you should take the onus on yourself by making yourself well aware of the health of your nail, and you can also keep yourself vigilant about the latest tools and gadgets out in the market in nail care space.

Fashion and nails

Gone are those days when we used to trim our nails before going for a party or on the eve of an interview. The nail has now become a very important statement to understand someone’s aspiration towards the idea of personal hygiene. Taking comprehensive care of nails has gone far from merely being hygienic about it. Now it seems to have elevated to an altitude of being fashionable with an eclectic element of aesthetic being blended in it in order to make it more dazzling and flamboyant. We have successfully invented a new horizon of urban Wellness and fashion like Nail Art and Manicure and made them commercially legitimate. The Commercial feasibility of these new trends is quite evident from the lightning pace at which small, medium, and corporate manicure centers and nail art studios mushrooming all around us. The trend is fast catching up with fashionable youths and millennial with high disposable income to splurge on their wellness endeavors. Corporate salons and wellness centers with decades of experience and a strong prodigy are also expanding themselves into the area of nail care biz. Global giants in cosmetic product manufacturing like Lakme, Miss Claire, and Vega also venture into manufacturing products called Acrylic Powder, Toluene, and Nail paints used in nail art studios. These products are also being largely featured in product portfolio in different e-commerce platforms worldwide and sold in unbelievable huge magnitude.

Once stood in a state of utter forgetfulness as an unsung chapter in the continuous evolution of awareness about health, hygiene, and wellness, nail care has now become instrumental in shaping and steering ahead one of the most ambitious industries of recent times.


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