Considerations for Building a Granny Flat

Considerations for Building a Granny Flat

If you need more room on your property for recreational space or an artist’s or writer’s hideaway, then a granny flat can be a good option.

However, in some areas, the process for getting approval can take several months, sometimes as long as a year. Before hiring a contractor, there are some things you need to consider.

Can a Second Structure be Added on Your Property?

It’s important to check the rules about adding granny flats to your property. It may be allowed in some states, but the regulations and rules can be strict. The local city council also has input on its approval, and they may limit the use of flats in your area.

Read the deed of your property to look for restrictions about adding additional dwellings, then contact the state and local planning boards to find out exactly what must be done to get approval for a flat.

On the state level, contact the Department of Planning and Environment for their regulations.

Hiring an Architect

Although several companies throughout the country design and build prefabricated granny flats, they are not your only option. After getting approval to have one on your property, contact an architect about designing a flat for your needs.

Even though a flat will be smaller than the typical house, an architect can design a space that fits your needs and within your budget. They can configure the flat for any purpose, whether it’s an artist’s studio, a space to live in, or someplace to hang out with friends by the pool.

Privacy for Both Homes

If the granny flat is to be a place in which your parents move, speak to the contractor about privacy options. Both homes should be secure, but there should be a barrier that delineates the property’s boundaries.

Privacy will be important because you may not be aware of your parents’ social habits, and they may not stay up as late as you and your family do, especially if you have teenagers.

A good granny flat builder Blacktown can ensure that the occupants in each house have the privacy they desire.

Should You Subdivide the Property?

The answer to whether you subdivide the property will partially depend on your plans for the granny flat. After your parents pass on or move out permanently, you will need to decide what to do with the flat. Are you going to rent it out or make it into a place for entertaining or an office?

If you’re planning on renting it out after your parents move out of it, then you should find out about subdividing it so that you can put the utilities on separate lines.

However, if you intend to repurpose the flat for your own needs, then don’t subdivide it, so you won’t need to worry about two bills.

In tight housing markets like Sydney’s, a granny flat is a viable solution for many families. However, the process of getting arrival and having one built may take some time, so get started on the plans as soon as you decide to put one on your property.

There are many ways you can use the extra space. So use it wisely.


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