13 Garden Ideas to Help You Create a Garden Oasis

13 Garden Ideas to Help You Create a Garden Oasis
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The latest data shows that more Americans are gardening now than ever before. In fact, 77 percent of American households are currently gardening.

Are you interested in growing a garden? Do you already have a garden but want to make it a more inviting and eye-catching place?

Wherever you fall on this spectrum, there are lots of things you can do to get started and design a garden that everyone will love.

Listed below are some great garden ideas that will help you turn your garden into a tranquil and stunning space.

1. Color Coordinate

When you start planning out your dream garden, think about the colors you’ll use. It’s great if you can plan your garden so that the paving stones you use contrast with the colors of the flowers you’ve planted.

For example, grey and white stones both look great paired with purple or white flowers. Black and silver stones, on the other hand, look better coupled with bright reds, oranges, and yellows. Gold-colored paving works well for soft-toned flowers in colors like lavender, pink, or pale yellow.

2. Have a Plan for Your Plants

Speaking of planning your garden, be sure to have a plan for the plants themselves, too.

Arrange them in a way that makes sense and ensures that each type of flower or shrub gets the right amount of water and sunlight it needs to thrive.

Spend some time sketching out your ideal garden before you start digging. This will save you a lot of time and energy later on.

3. Have Color Year-Round

When you’re deciding which types of flowers you want to plant, be sure to think about flowers that bloom during different seasons.

If you plan it right and have lots of seasonal flowers planted in your garden, you’ll be able to enjoy gorgeous blooms throughout the year, not just during the summer or spring.

4. Invest in Quality Seating

If you want people to be interested in spending time in your backyard and admiring your garden, there have to be plenty of seats for them to so while remaining comfortable.

Invest in high-quality outdoor seating so that you and your friends and family can kick back and relax anytime you want.

5. Set Boundaries

Use fences, gates, or well-placed shrubs to create boundaries around your garden.

This will help to keep your kids away from the area so your plants can grow without interruptions. These boundaries also create a more aesthetic outdoor space.

6. Use Garden Ornaments

Don’t forget about decorations. Small things like a fountain or some other well-placed garden ornaments can help to give your garden character and make it a fun space for everyone.

7. Let There be Light

Make sure there’s enough light in your garden for evening gatherings. You might want to use solar-powered stake lights to light up the space in a more eco-friendly way or install hanging lights to add to the ambiance of your backyard.

8. Try Vertical Planting

For those who only have a small amount of space for a garden, vertical planting is a great alternative. You can grow all kinds of plants using a vertical garden, including fruits and vegetables.

9. Make a Place for Kids

If you have children, it’s a good idea to plan your garden so that there are areas just for them, too.

Maybe there’s a patch of the garden that they help plant and care for, for example. You might also want to get some kid-friendly furniture so they can relax and enjoy the fruits of the labor alongside you.

10. Accommodate Wildlife

Like it or not, there are going to be some critters who find their way to your garden. This can often be a good thing, especially in the case of animals like bees.

Instead of trying to keep them away, find ways to accommodate them. This might mean hanging bird feeders near your garden, for example, or planting bee-friendly plants.

11. Start with Potted Plants

If you don’t have room for an actual garden, start by arranging some potted plants on shelves or tables in your backyard. This is also a good option if it’s going to take a while before the soil is suitable for planting flowers and shrubs.

Having potted plants in your backyard will still give you an opportunity to practice caring for plants, and it will make your outdoor living space more attractive.

12. Improve Your Lawn

It doesn’t matter how great your garden looks. If your lawn’s a mess, no one is going to care about the state of your flower beds.

Take some time to get your lawn in order before showcasing your garden. Install a sprinkler system and lay down sod, for starters. Start looking around for businesses with “find sod here” signs out front or look online if you’re having trouble finding sod.

Be sure to keep your lawn mowed and free of weeds once its planted, too.

13. Get Creative with Small Spaces

Even the tiniest of spaces can be turned into a mini outdoor oasis. You just have to get creative.

If you have a very small courtyard or narrow area to work with, find ways to incorporate color and bring some plant life into the space.

This might mean using hanging baskets or setting up shelves for potted plants. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. You can still have your garden, no matter how untraditional it may seem.

Try These Garden Ideas Today

As you can see, there are lots of ways that you can improve the appearance of your garden and make it a stunning place where people love to spend time.

Start by implementing these garden ideas today to transform your garden in time for your next backyard bash.

Do you want to learn more about how to enhance your garden or any of your home’s other outdoor spaces?

If so, be sure to visit the For the Home section of our site. You’ll find all kinds of tips and tricks here that will help you improve your home both inside and out.


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