Signs that You are Madly in Love with Dogs

Signs that You are Madly in Love with Dogs

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Signs that You are Madly in Love with Dogs

Dogs are known to be cuddly, loyal, and they are known to bring a share of laughter into any homestead. They are easily lovable and make the perfect companion for walks. They can also be good co­-drivers so that you don’t have to drive alone even when you’re going anywhere.

Dogs are such cute, wonderful and perfect pets that you probably don’t need for them to reciprocate the love but when they love you feel it in your gut plus there are ways the dog shows love. Below are possible signs to show you are madly in love with your dog:

1. You love cuddling with your dog a lot.

Cuddling with your dog is one of the best things about owning a pet and it builds loyalty, respect, and the bonds between the owner and the dog. Dogs are just like people, they crave affection and attention. They want to be touched and for bonding to take place for them to be happy. According to science, studies have shown that cuddling helps in boosting a person’s levels of oxytocin in the blood. This is the love hormone and it makes people feel good.

Additionally, when the levels of oxytocin are elevated, the rate of the heart calms down, stress levels drop and the risk of a person experiencing a stroke decreases. Cuddling as well relieves sadness, depression, anxiety, and even pain. This is one of the reasons why dogs are often brought into nursing homes to help brighten the days of elderly and sickly people.

  1. As long as your dog is happy, you are happy

You are madly in love with your dog if you like ensuring your dog is happy at all times. You always bother to know the whereabouts or your dog and also ensure that your dog is not lonely or bored. On your leisure time, you are always taking your dog for walks or to play. You also request for playdates from fellow pet owners, so that your dog gets to have fun with other dogs.

3. You spend a lot of money on your dog’s toys, accessories, and clothing.

When can you spend quite an amount on purchasing dog’s toys and accessories, you must really love dogs. Some people don’t even spend on dogs unless its necessities like food. If you are madly in love with your dog, you always ensure you purchase the latest toys, trending accessories and clothes for your dog.

  1. You dedicate plenty of your time to play and train your dog.

Playing with your dog is necessary to keep the dog healthy and exercised. Some dog lovers spend more time with their dogs than others. When you spend a lot of quality time with your dog to sometimes necessitating you to postpone other activities, you must be attached to your dog and really love it.

When it comes to dog training, several dog lovers dedicate a lot of time in the dogs early life to train them into good behavior. You will find yourself dedicating some money to get a trainer or the best shock collar for small dogs so that you can effectively train your dog. Dog training is something a lot of dog owners love to do because it allows them to train, play, and spend time with their pet.

  1. The presence of a dog excites you

If you are visiting a friend or just randomly taking a walk and see a dog then get all excited, you must be a dog lover. Sometimes you go a step further and try to learn the dog’s name and other details about them.

Most people don’t show interest in other dogs. Dog lovers always show interest and try to engage and be friendly with the dog they have just met. They love bonding with dogs and no dog can pass them unnoticed.

  1. You are friendly to dog owners

Whenever you see a dog owner or someone walking a dog, you almost always greet them and make conversation. You like knowing the different types of breeds and also ask about their different ways of dog care, kinds of toys they buy and how often they walk their dog.

  1. You enjoy watching Dog channels

There are available dog channels in almost all countries. These channels show a variety of things about dogs from how to train them, better food they can eat and also different games dogs can play. While enjoying some nice warmth from the best fire pits around, this is a good activity to do with your dog during your bonding sessions.

8. You love attending dog events

There are several dog events in a year. In these events, dog owners come to socialize and engage with other dog owners. There are also competitions that involve dog owners competing with their dogs where they are rewarded sometimes. These competitions also helps in strengthening the bond between the dog and its owner. Some competitions can be good for exercising the dog. You must be madly in love with your dog to attend these events. Not every dog lover does.

9. You wash your dog frequently

At a minimum, it’s advised to bathe your dog at least once every three months. Dog lovers wash their dogs as frequently as every other week. One should use gentle shampoo however. When you love your dog, this is an activity you enjoy doing so you do not wait until it starts to smell.

10. You frequently take your dog for regular checkups

Majority of dog lovers ensure a hands-on examination from their vet is performed every time they take their dogs for checkups. This is to make sure that you don’t miss any underlying issue or a new issue like a heart murmur or enlarged lymph node simply because the main reason for the checkup was an ear infection. It pays to perform a thorough exam during every office visit because the sooner abnormalities are detected, the more likely you and your vet will be able to gain the upper hand.


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