5 Tips To Evaluating The Foundation Of Your Office Space

5 Tips To Evaluating The Foundation Of Your Office Space

It’s commonly said that the strength and integrity of any building lies on how robust its foundation is. Most people occupy a premises with faulty foundations and they remain oblivious of it despite the foundation of your office space.

Imagine the kind of danger you expose yourself to when you occupy an office space whose foundation is completely messed up. To save yourself from faulty foundation hazards, here are 5 tips to evaluating the foundation of your office space:

  1.   Check Whether The Floor Is Uneven Or Sagging

If the floor of your office space is sagging and not properly leveled, it’s a huge indicator that the foundation is faulty. When the pier and beam foundation of your office is affected, the floor will end up sagging. If your floor has concrete slabs, what you’ll observe if the foundation is faulty is the floor being out of level or uneven

Sagging or uneven foundations are extremely dangerous for your office space and need to be fixed to stop the movement of the foundation.

  1.   Check Whether The Doors Close And Open Properly

If the doors to your office space keep sticking when you open or close them, it could be an indication that the foundation is faulty. The main pointers to look for are exterior doors dragging at the edges or looking uneven where one side appears to be higher than the other while interior doors drag or stick at the top when you open or close them.

  1.   Check For Cracks In The Office Space

If you spot cracks in your office space, it’s a direct indicator that the foundation is faulty. It’s a common occurrence for office premises to have foundation movement due to a number of reasons such as extreme weather conditions or the soil expanding and contracting. When this happens, the foundation may end up shifting hence resulting in gaps.

Tiny cracks are normal in any building. However, horizontal cracks on the walls are a red flag that the perimeter of your office foundation is under intense pressure. Stair-step cracks should not be ignored either.

  1.   Check If The Foundation Is Sinking Or Settling

If your office space has a settlement issue or appears to be sinking, there is a high likelihood that the foundation is faulty. If you notice one side of the office space appearing higher than the other, there’ll be a need for a foundation repair expert to come in, lift it up, and install piers around the foundation’s perimeter to raise it. 

If there is foundation settlement within your office space, what you’re likely to notice is vertical cracks which if unattended to could result in the foundation settling into the earth.

  1.   Check For Humid Crawl Spaces

If your office has a pier and beam foundation, one indicator of a faulty foundation is the presence of heavy dampness in the crawl space. Humid crawl spaces can produce a foul moldy odor that could penetrate even to the inside of the office thereby creating an unhealthy work environment.

If your office is located in an area that experiences frequent rains or is prone to flooding, it’s highly advisable that you get a building foundation contractor to install a foundation drainage system.


These five tips will help you evaluate and spot foundation issues in your office space. Companies like Done Right Foundation Repair can help you with your foundation repairs and house leveling at a reasonable cost.


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