Simple Ways to Organize Your Home

Simple Ways to Organize Your Home

Does organizing your home sometimes feel like an uphill task? You are not alone. As a result, many people tend to postpone or put off organizing their homes. But this shouldn’t be the case because your entire house doesn’t need to get organized at once. All you need to do is to break up your home organization into small tasks that can get accomplished in a short time. According to Havenly’s head of design, Shelby Girard, clutter can get tamed, and your house feels refreshed, organized, and renewed with one or a few small changes. You could be having problems in organizing your home and are looking for simple ways to do so. For insight, you may need to continue reading this article.

Some rooms like the playrooms, closets, and bathrooms are renowned for collecting clutter, and this can sometimes make your home feel or smell like a zoo. But you need not worry; the following tips will help you tackle clutter, tidy up, create more space, and leave your home more organized.

Tips for Organizing Your Home in Simple Ways

1. Making Your Bed

Fluffing the pillows, straightening out the sheets and smoothing out your duvet may seem a bunch of work, but it only takes approximately 30 seconds. What’s exciting is the fact that your bedroom looks organized and feels clean when you make your bed.

2. Getting Rid of Clutter

Clutter is notorious in taking up space that can get used in more appropriate ways. Collect and store items that can scatter all over like books and toys in designated places like cartons or trays. Innovate a collection system for managing clutter, especially where the mess has accumulated. For example, excess bedding like blankets can get put in a basket placed in your bedroom’s corner or living room before you sleep instead of leaving them to scatter all over.

3. Have a Sense of Nature

Going green connects us to the incredible outdoors that, in turn, creates a sense of peace and calmness. Bringing this natural aspect in your home makes it feel and look better. You may, therefore, consider going for items like a wood vase, jute rugs, and bamboo shades to enhance your home’s look and organization.

4. Rearranging Your Closet

Closet arranged with an organized system not only enhances the look of your room but also creates more space for other things. You may have no idea on how to arrange your closet and are wondering what to do. Luckily, there are affordable closet inspirations that you can go for to help you out. For example, you can hang like clothes together, such as sweaters, skirts, blouses, or shirts. Also, you can arrange them based on their color or occasion. Choose a system that suits you and your needs.

5. Create Space for Various Activities

It is not advisable to do anything in your house at any location. Otherwise, you will spend your hard earned money and precious time in cleaning and replacing items. For example, food should get eaten in a dining room, and people should sleep in the bedrooms. You also should have space to lounge, and for the kids to play. Eating in the living room may stain expensive furniture that can cost a lot to clean. Children playing in the sitting or bedrooms may break or spoil essential and costly needs. Besides, when every activity has its own space creates order and peace in the home.

Though there are numerous simple ways you can use to organize your home, the above tips rank on top. You may also wonder how to do a quick summer organization run-through. No need to fret; here are some ways;

I. Store the Winter Gears Away

After the winter, you won’t need to use the bulky winter gear until after some few months. You, therefore, do not require them in your closets. Remove such winter gears like boots, sweaters, gloves, coats, and hats from your closet and store them away like in the garage or a box. You will get surprised by what space you get to create by moving such winter items and gears.

II. Arrange Your Fridge

During summer, kids are usually at home, and a lot of indoor cooking, backyard barbeques, and cookouts usually takes place. Preparing your food becomes easy when you organize your food spaces. Clean your fridge and pantry. Then create space for all food types like meat, fruits, snacks, vegetables, and drinks. You may need to rebel the spaces for easier identification and to ensure everything is at the required area.


When broken down into small tasks, organizing your home becomes easy and faster. As illustrated above, you can do so in several simple but very effective ways, even during the summer.


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