5 red flags to look for when choosing a real estate agent

5 red flags to look for when choosing a real estate agent

The evolution of technology has made real estate information readily available online and for free. As a result, most people are not careful when choosing a real estate agent. Choosing the right agent will help you to sell or buy a property easily and quickly. Blue Door Realty Management warns that a wrong agent can spoil the transaction leaving the buyer or seller at a loss.

Get recommendations from friends and family on the best real estate letting agents Coventry in Dubai. You can also rely on online reviews. However, you should understand that online reviews do not paint the real picture since most people, satisfied or dissatisfied, don’t write reviews.

Since there are many real estate agencies in Dubai, choosing the right agent may be challenging. However, here are certain red flags you should watch out.

1. When the agent suggest a higher price for your property

If you are selling a house, you should consider an opinion from at least three agents regarding the price. Since all agents rely on the same data, they should have similar suggestions. The property might take longer to sell if the price is set too high.

2. Part-time professional

Whether you are selling or buying a property in Dubai, you should consider an active agent. A full-time agent should have up to date information about the market. If you are selling, you need a reliable agent to show your property to prospective buyers and when you are buying, you need an agent who will help you get the best deal.

3. Lack of knowledge

A reliable real estate agent should have adequate knowledge about the neighbourhood where the property you intend to buy or sell is located. The agent should know the basic details of the area such as schools, hospitals, etc. Also, he/she should have simple demographics of the location to help you make the best decision

4. Lower commissions

You should be very careful with a real estate agent who is ready to take a lower commission. It may sound like an advantage on your part, but you may also get yourself in trouble. An agent that asks for a lower commission can be inexperienced or unreliable

5. Does not specialize in your property type

Real estate agents are specialized in different types of properties. For example, if you are buying or selling an off plan property such as the Emaar Arabian Ranches 3, you should not choose an agent who sells complete projects. Even though some agents have multiple specialties, you should make sure the agent is well-versed with the type of property you are dealing with.


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