Things to Think about when Reorganizing Your Kitchen

kitchen renovation

Whether you live in big countries like the United States or the United Kingdom, or in small countries your kitchen deserves to be rightly equipped and organised.

Especially if you are letting in Malta where the natural resources are abundant to make your cooking more fun.

The way your kitchen is organized can mean a whole lot for the possibilities it will offer you when cooking. Tidy kitchen, tidy mind, one could say.

We will discuss the steps you should take when you are planning on redoing your kitchen, whether it’s an actual renovation or just about finding a new way of organizing your kitchen storage!


In order to start your project, it is wise to take stock of what the current state of your kitchen is. What items/space/utilities are you missing? What space is not in use yet? What are things that annoy you in the current state of your kitchen? For example, when you’ve got a lot of spices and herbs, but you are not able to reach all of them easily.

We would suggest doing this for a longer period of time, maybe even hang a sheet of paper in the kitchen. That way, you can immediately take notes of what is inconvenient or missing at the time. Also, try to think of what kitchen items you use frequently. These are usually things you would be smart to give a prominent position on the worktop or at least a place where they can be reached easily. If you have toast for breakfast every morning, it wouldn’t make sense to store it in a hard-to-reach cabinet, would it?


How much can and are you willing to spend on redoing/restocking your kitchen?

When you’ve come up with an idea for what you’d like to change in your kitchen, it can be useful to draw up a budget for your project. This will not only give you insights into the progress of your remodeling but will also keep you from expanding the project to unachievable heights. This can easily lead to overruns of time. Trust us, you don’t want to be living in a construction pit for a longer than necessary period of time.

The baseline? Be smart about it and avoid unnecessary costs and expenses.


It might be an obvious thing to mention, but nonetheless, it’s an important aspect of your kitchen-project: make your plan achievable! Nothing is as annoying, irritating and most importantly demotivating as a project that just won’t come to an end because of its large scope. Are you planning on changing the organization of your cupboards or will you move around the fridge, stove or dishwasher as well? Keep in mind that these appliances will need electricity, if not water supply in order to work.

Get creative

There’s no need for you to invent it all yourself! There is a good chance other people in the past have dealt with the exact problems you encounter today. Make sure to do your research, both online and offline. Especially Pinterest can be very inspirational and bring you some amazing ideas for organization, storage, or arrangements in your kitchen. If you’ve got some skills in the ‘Do-It-Yourself’ (DIY) department, you can save some serious cash as well.

Find options that work for you

Everyone is different and therefore, it is logical that everyone’s ideal kitchen will look different as well. Give yourself some time to get used to the new arrangements and make sure you’re comfortable with a trial-and-error phase. Testing and changing things over again will allow you to slowly create the ultimate home cooking environment.

Has this article inspired you to start rearranging your kitchen? What’s the first meal you will cook in your ‘new’ kitchen?

Let us know in the comments below!


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