Gibraltar- More than Just a Rock!


The territory of Gibraltar is small but presents a very big issue when considering Brexit.

After all, Gibraltar possesses a very special status as a free port and is thus free from the customs union of Europe. Industries like online gambling and duty-free shopping contribute to the prosperity of this tiny territory.

And Spaniards commute to work there, escaping from their zone in Southern Spain with low employment rates to a place with plentiful work.

And although some international companies have left this little overseas territory, other businesses are committed to staying in Gibraltar. And, with good reason: there is much for tourists to see and experience.

Let’s take a look at some enriching Gibraltar activities.

1.     Visit the Europa Point Mosque

One great thing about Gibraltar is the many cultures that reside in a relatively small area. And even though the culture is varied and beautiful, everybody has one thing in common: loyalty to the UK.

The closure of the border in 1969 by General Franco led to the replacement of Spanish workers on the Rock to Moroccan workers, and now many North Africans can be found in the Gibraltar population today.

2. Hit the Beach

You might describe Gibraltar as “Britain but with nicer climate.”

You will enjoy phone booths, fish ‘n’ chips, and other niceties from Britain. But what you will really love is the pristine, beautiful beaches.

Our recommendation is to try out Eastern beach, as it is the largest and busiest beach area on the whole rock and has plenty of water activities for you to try out.

Bear in mind the airport is nearby, so do not be alarmed if you see planes coming and going.

3. Say Hello to an Ape

Check out the Gibraltar Nature Reserve in the Upper Rock portion of the island. It is there that you will find the Apes’ Den, where you can get close to the amazing Barbary macaques, which are Morocco natives.

Be sure that you only look and do not touch. They are wild, and biting is something they do. Feeding of these apes is prohibited. There are over 160 of these amazing primates living on the island!

4. Go to the Nature Reserve

The Gibraltar Nature Reserve is a great place to see the amazing Barbary apes, but we also recommend you stop in for a cable car ride. You will get the chance to see millions of birds that stop while they complete their migration between Europe and Africa.

You can see other great attractions like St. Michael’s Cave and of course ride in the Gibraltar Cable Car. Not only will you get a super view, but you will also learn much about the islands’ military significance at the Heritage Centre, located at Princess Caroline’s Battery.

5.Check out St. Michael’s Cave

You cannot simply complete a visit to Gibraltar without seeing this cave. There are more than 150 caves on Gibraltar, but this one is 274 meters above sea level and is heaped with amazing stalactites and stalagmites.

St Michael’s Cave provided shelter for Neanderthals over 40,000 years prior and has tons of cool legends and stories attached to it.

One such story is that the island has a secret connection to Africa by way of a tunnel that is 24 kilometers long!

There is even a small underground lake for you to see, and if you are lucky, you can check out a show in Cathedral Cave, which is an arena that seats 400 people for ballet, music and theatre performances. Ask a local or get a tour guide to help!

6. Time at the Museum

The Gibraltar museum is a good chance for you to learn about the natural history and rich culture of the territory. You can find it in Bomb House located on Bomb Lane, and this small museum gives you a look at the Rock as it was in 1865 as well as 14th Century Moorish Baths, which are superbly preserved.

In Conclusion…

Gibraltar is a place that will leave you feeling refreshed, as a vacation should, but will also make you feel accomplished in all you will learn upon visiting this beautiful place. We hope you will plan a visit soon!


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