6 Easy Makeup Tips for a Beautiful Skin This Summer

6 Easy Makeup Tips for a Beautiful Skin This Summer

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Summer is the time to get outside and show some skin. It’s also a time when wearing makeup can be difficult due to the heat and humidity. Wearing too much makeup in the warm weather can cause blocked pores and melting contour rather than the vivacious glow that so many strive to accomplish.

If you’re looking to nail the summer beauty routine and keep your skin fresh and clean, try these six, easy summer makeup tips.

Less is More

Summer isn’t the time for a full face of makeup. Instead, take inspiration from the makeup-wearing men in the world and go for a less-is-more approach. If you look online for best men’s makeup products you’ll see a common theme: subtlety. Rather than opting for layers of foundation, invest in a simple concealer to hide the shadows from late nights by the bonfire and a translucent powder to reduce shine.

In the summer, a bit of bronzer and highlighter can replace the need for a full face of makeup. Embrace the natural look that won’t leave you worried about splashing in the pool.

Prioritize Clean Skin

As tempting as it may be, don’t leave your makeup on all night. Now is the time to prioritize your skincare routine. Use a cleanser that will keep your pores open, exfoliate often, and moisturize with an oil-free face cream every morning and night. Take a few days to give your face a break from makeup and let it breathe.

SPF is Your Friend

Sunscreen and makeup don’t always get along, especially the grocery store brands that tend to be greasy. Consider investing in a face-friendly sunscreen brand and always look for makeup that has an SPF, whether you’re wearing sunscreen or not.

Most foundations and mineral powders have an SPF, though it may not be adequate for prolonged sun exposure. Look for lip chap that has an SPF and use it under your lipstick for added protection. Using an SPF will offset the signs of aging and protect your beautiful face for years to come.

Buy Waterproof Products

There’s nothing like a day lounging at the beach to give you a wicked case of raccoon eyes. Invest in some waterproof beauty products– mascara in particular– for the summer. Even sweat can do a number on your eye makeup if you aren’t careful.

If you decide to add a dramatic flair to your summer look, you can also get waterproof eyeliner and eyebrow pencils. Remember to pick up a natural-based makeup remover that will get the job done without irritating your skin. Whipped coconut oil is a fan favorite natural product that can cut through your makeup and leave your skin feeling fabulous.

Prime and Set

If you can’t resist the full-face makeup or you have a special event to attend, remember to prime your face before applying makeup and set it after. Primer will keep your face moisturized and smooth, preventing creases and chunks as the day goes on. A setting spray will help prevent the dreaded face melt that so many fashionistas experience in the summer sun.

Invest in Tinted Products

Even if you’re wearing an SPF, you may find your skin tone changes in the summer sun. It may be a slight change, but substantial enough that your face makeup doesn’t quite match the rest of your body. Investing in some tinted products or mixing a touch of bronzer with your preferred BB cream can give you a beautiful glow without the harsh effects of tanning.

To keep your skin healthy and hydrated over the summer, drink lots of water and keep your face clean. Go for a natural look and leave the dramatic lines to the winter months whenever possible. With the right products, you can have a healthy summer glow that carries you through to fall.


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