What is oral drug delivery and what are its benefits?

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Over the past few decades, medical sciences have made a multitude of advancements in drug delivery systems. There is a myriad of different methods of drug administration including, but not limited to, oral drug delivery, nasal drug delivery, colonic drug delivery, muscular drug delivery, transdermal drug delivery, and pulmonary drug delivery, etc. The most commonly used and most scalable method of drug delivery has been oral drug delivery, which has proven to have a lot of different benefits that go in its favour.

Oral drug delivery is the method of introducing medicines within an individual’s body via the mouth, i.e. through swallowing. This works in the cases of both liquid and solid forms of medicine. All types of syrups and pills or tablets can be orally ingested by the individual with little to no discomfort. Oral drug delivery is one of the most common forms of drug administration in the world and is widely regarded as the easiest. Here are some of its many benefits:

1.    Ease

Oral drug administration does not require the help of any trained medical professional. Unless the individual that requires medication is a child or is differently abled, there is no need for a second person to ingest the syrup or the pill. Other forms of drug administration require strict regulatory bodies to uphold the training, environment, and behavioural standards of professionals that administer drugs, which is subject to a host of other factors.

2.    Availability of secondary items

As with the case, other medicines such as those that must be injected or inhaled, secondary tools such as a syringe, needle, and inhaler, etc. are required. With medication that is meant to be swallowed, there is no need for any extra tools. All one can need is a little water to wash down the pill, and a spoon in case the medicine is in liquid form; all of which can be readily available.

3.    Safety and efficacy

This method is mostly safe and efficient and does not involve additional risks of incorrect drug administration as in the case of injections etc. The risk of any complications is also decidedly low due to this.

4.    New developments

The main focus has been on the liposome technology that allows for substances that would be otherwise destroyed in the stomach to stay intact long enough to be fully absorbed the way they must be. New technology allows medicines in pill or tablet form to not be destroyed in the stomach and reach areas of the body such as the colon, where they can be absorbed more efficiently and taken to the areas that need the medicine. This colonic drug delivery is possible due to advancements in oral drug delivery, which does not require any invasive administration of medicine.

Oral drug delivery systems and methods have been developed for years and are still continually being developed. This delivery method features a multitude of benefits for all users.


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