5 Secret Health Benefits of Gardening

5 Secret Health Benefits of Gardening

Gardening is fun for people who love to do stuff that will make them feel closer to the earth. But do you know that apart from the refreshing feeling or the sense of fulfillment gardening brings, it also has health benefits? Check out some benefits that gardening can bring to your health. I bet you have never imagined it.

A good way to exercise

Gardening is a high physical activity; if you do not have time to exercise, it can substitute your workout routines. You move around a lot when you are gardening. It requires bending, lifting, stretching, twisting, pulling, and a lot of walking. When you complete your gardening activities for the day, you will realize that you have burned some calories and have worked some muscles. It is no secret that exercising is an excellent way to stay healthy.

Lowers your stress level

Gardening is fun and can melt away your troubles and make you calm. This lowers your cortisol levels, thereby reducing stress. It also lightens your mood. A CNN report talked about a study conducted in the Netherlands. The study suggested that gardening fights stress just as much as hobbies.

According to the study, participants were asked to do gardening tasks that were considered stressful for 30 minutes. Another set of participants were also asked to read books indoors for 30 minutes. After which their cortisol levels were measured. The cortisol levels were lower for both activities, and the participants were in better moods. Additionally, visit https://statefencing.com to know more about gardening and fencing tasks.

Increases Vitamin D

When you spend some time outdoors doing some gardening activities, you get exposed to sunlight, which gives you Vitamin D. This essential element increases your Calcium levels. Calcium strengthens your bones. Soaking in Vitamin D also helps your body to fight cold and flu.

Improves your immune system

We used to believe that the dirt that gets stuck in your fingers can cause illnesses. However, studies have shown that garden soils contain friendly bacteria called Mycobacterium Vaccae.

The bacteria increase serotonin levels helping to fight anxiety. These bacteria fight asthma, allergies, and symptoms of psoriasis. The bacteria have also been found to reduce depression. The next time you get into your garden, and you get your hands dirty, don’t detest the sight of it. You are improving your immune system that way.

Increases hand strength

As we grow, we begin to lose strength in our hands. Exercising your hands will improve the strength in the hands. Gardening involves activities that will help you exercise your hands and fingers. Planting, uprooting, digging, are common gardening activities that can improve the strength in your hands.

You will have a firm grip. It is not surprising that some stroke patients have been encouraged to perform some gardening tasks. It helps rebuild strength. However, gardening should not make you overwork your hands. If you go too far, you will end up injuring your hands.

Gardening has been known to also take the boredom out of your life. You also get to eat healthy foodstuff from your garden if you grow food items. Are you considering gardening, you have lots of reasons to start now?


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