Restroom Requirements for Restaurants

Restroom Requirements for Restaurants

Visiting a restaurant is supposed to be a great experience. It’s an opportunity to enjoy great food without having to prepare it or even worry about washing the dishes. But, your experience can be quickly tainted if the facilities aren’t up to scratch.

But, before you jump up to complain, it’s important to know what the restroom requirements are for restaurants.

Number of Toilets

A restaurant is legally obliged to have at least one toilet pan per 100 male users and one toilet pan for 25 female users.  There should also be a urinal and washbasin for every 50 male users and 1 washbasin per 50 female users.

Of course, these guidelines can be hard to implement as you don’t know how many users you’ll have at one time.

The simplest way to calculate it is to look at the number of people that a restaurant can hold. Divide this number by two on the assumption that half the people are male and half female, then apply the above facts to calculate the number of toilets, urinals, and washbasins you need; assuming the restaurant is full.

Of course, these figures go up as the size of your restaurant increases. Consider getting plastic bathroom partitions for your next upgrade.


But, there is more to a restroom than just a space to go to the toilet. You also need to consider the washing facilities. Even if there is just one sink you need to provide some sort of soap and a way for people to dry their hands.

Hand dryers are the best and most hygienic option but you can opt for paper towels if you wish.


But, perhaps the most important element for any restaurant restroom is that it is clean and remains clean throughout the duration of your visit.

A restaurant needs to clean the restroom and inspect it at regular intervals. You should expect to see an inspection chart which shows when it was last done and how frequently it is checked.

In fact, it’s the cleanliness of a restroom that can really make or break a meal. Most people need to use the facilities at least once, being impressed by what is on offer will help to make your meal and ensure the restaurant sees you, and your friends, again.

If you’re thinking of upgrading your restaurant restroom then make sure you have the right PPE for your staff or contractors. They need to be able to do the job safely and efficiently.

Small Touches

The legal requirement covers having a toilet and washing facilities. But, you may want to go a step further than this and add the small finishing touches which really make a difference.

Disabled Facilities

Even if you have just one toilet in your restroom you’ll need to provide access for disabled people. This usually centers around enough room for a wheelchair, which can be difficult if you have a small restaurant. But, it is important and essential, you’ll need to plan a viable route and add the necessary handles to ensure a disabled person can use the toilet if they need too.


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