7 Trends for Women Straight from The Spring Runway

7 Trends for Women Straight from The Spring Runway

Spring collection has hit the stores and models have walked the runway; it is your turn to splurge and get your hands on the latest collections. This spring is full of pastel colors and gorgeous styles that you would love to wear. Want me to walk you through the options? Let’s begin!

    1. The shoes

This spring, models were seen flaunting gorgeous new shoe designs like block heels by Chanel. Valentino’s comfortable sandals, and Alexander McQueen’s lovely floral pencil heels; Balmain outdid itself by launching their new symmetrical designs, and their transparent shoes are too hot to not have in your wardrobe!

Another one of my favorites was gorgeous, floral thigh-high boots by Elie Saab. It looks like floral is going to rock the runway this summer because a Versace model was seen flaunting floral mules with floral stockings. Armani also seems to have taken transparent heels to a whole new level this spring.

     2. Stellar jewelry 

Do you know what else has changed this spring? The jewelry! One of the fanciest trends that I witnessed on the runway was elaborate hoops, these hoops with adornments make a statement. Chokers were also taken a step further.

7 Trends for Women Straight from The Spring Runway

At Christine Dior, you could see the model wear a choker over a shirt’s color, so it isn’t a must to wear it against the skin, and you can’t even ditch it anymore. Pendant earrings have earned a place in this summer’s jewelry box as well. At Louis Vuitton, you could see dresses embedded with precious jewels. For what it’s worth, it’s time you step up your jewelry game.

     3. Flimsy clothing

This spring, models were seen wearing light as air camisoles on the runway. Although these camisole dresses might look like they were effortlessly transformed from nighties, I reckon the designers have put a lot of thought in these dresses. They are not very revealing, and neither are they figure-hugging. The light fabric of these dresses would definitely keep you from feeling the heat.

7 Trends for Women Straight from The Spring Runway

My personal favorite this spring was the Balenciaga dress with a high neckline. Gucci went ahead and combined the expensive look of snakeskin with a summer fabric by crafting a camisole with snakeskin printed cloth. 

     4. Tulles and ruffles

Are you ready to feel like a princess this spring? A lot of designers, especially Marc Jacobs managed to design dresses around the princess theme. You could see a lot of pastel on the runway this year, with dresses made of taffeta and tulle. You could even find a few cake-layered pieces for those who want to be ‘extra’ this spring. Bottom line: it’s all frilly and lacey this spring, ladies.

7 Trends for Women Straight from The Spring Runway

     5. Sheer fabric

Let’s see, what other inarguably sexy trend was seen on the runway this year? That’s right, lots and lots of sheer fabric. It is a gift of summer to be able to bare the skin, but I reckon the designers took this to a whole new level this year.

7 Trends for Women Straight from The Spring Runway

While some thought the sheer fabric would add a naughty accent to the clothing, designers like Prada, Saint Laurent, and Oscar de la Renta sent their models on the runway in sheer gowns with no undergarments. So, if you want to bare those breasts this summer, rest assured, it won’t be a fashion faux pas.

     6. Shiny sequins

I doubt the fact that sequins would ever be considered not-so-fashionable. I mean, you see sequined dresses in the designer stores, retail stores, and even at thrift stores. But you also find them in the treasure of a vintage collector.

7 Trends for Women Straight from The Spring Runway

After the floral thigh-highs, and sequined dresses, Elie Saab has become my favorite designer this spring! You could see the glitter at Milan and London runways, but well, nothing was as magnificent as Saint Laurent ruffled sleeves sequined dress paired with red stilettoes. 

     7. Clear Jackets

I was reflecting at the importance of a nice raincoat. I mean, it is a staple all of us keep in our wardrobes, and then I noticed how the designers had launched stunning plastic coats.

7 Trends for Women Straight from The Spring Runway

Catch: transparent stuff is still in! Fendi gave out the coats in clear plastic, but other designers have used quite bright colors for this. I loved the pink coat by Kate Spade because I believe it was a stunner.

So, ladies, that was all for the lovely new trends of springs this year. I hope you enjoyed this. And btw, customized embroidered t-shirts would be a great way to put together a casual summer look. Get Bold T-shirt Printing and Embroidery is my best bet for getting my t-shirts customized. Stay beautiful.


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