4 Reasons Why Cruises Beat Traditional Trips

4 Reasons Why Cruises Beat Traditional Trips

Are you already thinking of your next planned getaway? Then it usually means it’s time to start checking flights, securing a rental car (with car seats, if you’re a parent), scouring to find hotels with the lowest rates and best accommodations, and the list goes on.

But wait — what if you decide to take an easier route this year? The cruise ship route.

Leave the stressful planning to all the traditionalists out there, as you’re about to discover the three main reasons why nearly 27 million travelers and counting have made cruising their preferred way to vacation.

1. Local Verified Experiences

Unlike road trips, where it’s you and some combination of word-of-mouth suggestions and Yelp, cruise line companies know which ports will bring the vacation their passengers envision to life.

Think of it this way: Cruising is like taking a local expert with you on your trip. With the specific route you take, as well as the ports at which you stop, you’ll get to take full advantage of all the insider spots and learn all the cool facts about the areas you visit.

Of course, you should make it a point to book with a cruise line that’s highly regarded for its regional expertise. For example, by booking with Princess Cruises, a leader in Alaska cruises and which has been traveling to the northernmost U.S. state for 50 years, the authenticity of your experience is sure to be unmatched.

2. Itineraries to Fit Everyone’s Desires

With a traditional vacation or quick getaway, it can be hard to fit in all the sights, sounds and attractions on which all parties can agree. Managing to meet everyone’s must-sees can mean overspending on gas, packing and unpacking multiple times, and more.

But when you set sail on a cruise, you can rest assured knowing everyone’s needs and desires will be satisfied. After all, each port is filled with different experiences, and these excursions can range from the peaceful and serene (i.e., visiting a quaint village) to the thrill-seeking (i.e., watching a family of grizzlies forage for food just a few feet away).

3. Stress Less

No matter how you slice it, a great deal of planning will undoubtedly go into any traditional vacation. But taking a cruise really has a way of limiting all of that hassle and stress. Not to mention, it can be easier on budget-conscious travelers.

Instead of planning the multiple steps it takes to plan a road trip or multi-flight jaunt, with a cruise, you basically just need to find the right cruise ship that fits your budget and allotted time away. Maybe add on a few excursions that excite you, and you’re done.

From there, it’s as easy as booking a flight to the port city and getting on the ship. Voilà! You’re on your way to rest and relaxation. Say goodbye to nailing down exact itineraries complete with calculating stops, picking hotels and finding the best food options.

4. Go Beyond The Surface

It’s hard to get to know a place when you have a week to explore and half the time is spent on the road driving or in crowded airports getting through security. But by taking a cruise, you can do more than scratch the surface of your chosen destination.

Indeed, cruises make it easy to cover a lot of ground, because instead of limiting your visit to one spot in a specific state or region, they let passengers dive deep by making multiple port calls. In that vein, try checking out a serene wilderness lodge, whale watching or trekking through a national park — all in the same trip.

Take the Cruise Ship Plunge

It’s easy to see why more and more people are booking cruises instead of traditional vacation getaways. With multiple easy and affordable options available for planning and booking your next dream trip, cruising is definitely worth getting excited about.


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